Andes Mountains Machu Picchu

Peru Mountains Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Trek with Global hill GuidesJoin united states for an enjoyable filled adventure starting in Cusco, Peru. We'll acclimate, explore neighborhood ruins and journey the "Sacred Valley for the Incas." A while later, we'll trek for a couple of times to Machu Picchu, a nearly indescribable picture of early Incan architecture and ingenuity. Develop you are able to join united states trekking for this awesome cultural and adventure experience!

Trip Shows

  • Morning hours arrival at Machu Picchu with the required time to explore and sightsee during a trip regarding the area with your guides. Regarding classic Inca Trail trek, there is certainly an option for revisiting Machu Picchu the following morning and walking up Huayna Picchu Peak for a magnificent view.
  • A nearby guide and expert will augment our personal IMG lead guide to lend insight into the area's tradition and history
  • Porters will transport a big part of your equipment during the trekking percentage of our trip to make the hike more fulfilling. A cook staff accompanies the trek. Ponies are accustomed to bring the gear as opposed to porters regarding Salkantay trek.
  • 3-star accommodations (or better) with great hotels
  • Exclusive car with driver for all transfers
  • Most meals for the trip, both in the trek plus in town
  • Trekking at high-altitude must be taken really. IMG holds a pulse oximeter and extra air on every travel, along with a First Aid trained and altitude experienced IMG lead guide

Location: Southern Peru

Rendezvous aim: Lima, Peru, then an in country journey to Cusco.

Team Size: Up to15 Trekkers with 1 Senior IMG commander and 1 neighborhood social specialist plus a staff of Quechuan porters, cook and prepare staff. On the Salkantay route ponies are acclimatized to bring equipment instead of the porters.


Great throughout physical fitness. Previous multi day hiking or trekking experience is strongly recommended. The rate is slow and steady although days may be long (up to 10 hours) therefore the Inca Trail has plenty of rock actions which go steeply down and up hill. Both treks invest lengthy times on trail with a lot of climbing around large height and lineage back down again.

Machu Picchu and Inca Society

Machu Picchu, after the citadel associated with Inca tradition in Peru, sits atop a hill in a forest of green landscape into the high tough hills of south Peru. a mystery for over 400 many years, it had been left undiscovered through the Spanish Conquest, even though Spaniards searched in vain when it comes to silver that has been thought to have been indeed there. The thought of a "lost town" of this Incas faded in credibility over time, whilst sat disguised in jungle overgrowth. Then, after years of searching, Yale archaeologist Hiram Bingham found it in 1911. The rediscovery associated with the old town made global news, given that citadel had been slowly unearthed from its concealing spot.

Inca Trail Trek

These days, the Inca path is an exceptional trip leading into a mysterious city built by remarkable craftsmen. The hidden secrets of this lost town are yours to explore with us, once we venture toward ruins on an amazing four-day trek. We are going to have ample chance to explore and photograph the breath-taking design; enjoy the beautiful surroundings as you go along; and read about the Incan tradition that fostered the rise for this extraordinary creationthe "Eighth Wonder worldwide."

Early Signup for Inca Trail

The Peruvian government has actually placed an everyday limitation regarding the wide range of trekkers allowed to stroll the Inca trail to Machu Picchu daily. Its crucial we submit actual requests for trekking permits for every single individual as near into the firstly the entire year that you can in order to guarantee permits per person in the team. This implies you will have to submit your application before the to begin the year so that you can confirm someplace on Inca Trail trek. The Salkantay trek, signups may appear as much as 90 days in advance of the trek deviation, but allows when it comes to recommended hike up Huayna (Wayna) Picchu is almost certainly not offered following the firstly the season.

Salkantay Trek

At 6271 yards (20574'), Nevado de Salkantay is the tallest and a lot of majestic mountain when you look at the Cordillera Vilcabamba range as well as the backdrop for an alternative trek to Machu Picchu. This journey moves off the outdone track, far from the classic and better known Inca Trail. It includes a genuine view associated with the Peruvian hills with spectacular vistas and a sense of adventure and remoteness. Salkantay suggests "Savage Mountain" within the Quechua language.


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Peru Trip Part 3 - Putucusi Mountain in Machu Picchu
Peru Trip Part 3 - Putucusi Mountain in Machu Picchu
TRIP PERU-Trekking Mountains - Cusco/Machu Picchu
TRIP PERU-Trekking Mountains - Cusco/Machu Picchu ...
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