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scenery waking Machu PicchuGuest post written by Stephanie Badaru

As far as I would’ve wished to encounter performing the Inca path and/or forest trek or some kind of trek to Machu Picchu, that concept had been quickly dashed from screen because I happened to be with limited funds. The values for these treks had been simply excessively for my preference and I also didn’t in fact come prepared for a trek (or have the power) so I researched the least expensive and easiest way to-do Machu Picchu.

No tour or hostel will say to you towards cheap solution to do Machu Picchu simply because they have actually their trips to market. You can’t truly blame all of them but such methods do exist!

I met a lady in Bolivia whom to wanted to do Machu Picchu from the low priced therefore we chose to go to Peruand do so together. The before we chose to set off for Machu Picchu we visited the smaller bus terminal in Cusco labeled as El Terminal Santiago and bought our coach passes to Quillabamba for 15 bottoms each.

A single day of our Journey to Machu Picchu:

We had booked the bus for 7:30am, therefore we left our hostel at 10 to 7 and walked 10 – 15 minutes to El Terminal Santiago (Santiago coach terminal)

Our real destination had beenn’t Quillabamba it was Santa Teresa, but you'll have to purchase a ticket to Quillabamba and bus makes an end in Santa Teresa, don’t stress the coach driver should make an announcement whenever you arrive which means you don’t miss your stop. Its around a 5 time trip to get from Cusco to Santa Teresa.

As soon as you reach Santa Teresa you can find dudes waiting in cars/mini vans (collectivos) to just take folks from Santa Maria to a place known as the Hydroelectrico, we paid 15 soles the travel. We waited for the man to obtain additional men and women into his vehicle (it really is fully guaranteed that you'll must wait about 30 minutes in Santa Teresa, so embrace it) and after skipping morning meal and arriving in Santa Teresa at around 2pm (yes our coach didn’t leave Cusco until quarter to 9, they also wished to fill the seats) it had been lunchtime.

Now I don’t remember the title of this restaurant we ate at but Santa Teresa is quite little therefore ended up being found nearby the coach stop (on the right as well as the furthest left). Ultimately, both of us had a bowl of soup and a main meal for 5 soles each therefore the meals ended up being great.

Our driver was prepared make a move and after permitting our food eat up and catching an ice cream we got into the automobile and we had been on our method.

Your way into Hydroelectrico should simply take between 2-3 hours altogether and it's also most certainly not for faint of heart. Its a fairly bumpy ride therefore understand you're inSouth Americawhen your motorist ignores the fact that the bus is on a cliff and drives like a lunatic. But don’t stress as you know they don’t wish die either and they’ve done this voyage numerous of times. It’s a narrow road nevertheless views and scenery are amazing although it’s pretty hard to attempt to simply take an image as the automobile is on the move.

The Hydroelectrico is when the train paths begin and from right here it is important to walk-down the train tracks into Machu Picchu city of Aguas Calientes. Overall the walk is around 2 hours and is perhaps not strenuous whatsoever as it’s a straight course.

Walking across the train songs

The view budget backpacking to Machu Picchu

Note: We didn’t, but it could be a good idea to have a torch as with regards to gets dark it would be good to see.

Scenery walking to Aguas Calientes

We found its way to Aguas Calientes just a little after 8pm and we hadn’t scheduled a place to stay but once we were walking we went past a man who was looking to get individuals stay in their resort, he put the price tag on 50 bottoms each for an exclusive room and I believed I would personally attempt my chance and put the number 25 back at him while walking away, which to my shock he consented!

Note: DEAL!

We managed to bag an exclusive room with a double sleep and one sleep with a hot bath for 25 soles each. You can most likely get a hold of a hostel for perhaps 15 bottoms.

After dumping our things, we decided to go to buy our entrance and coach seats, the entry ticket to Machu Picchu was 128 soles for Adults 64 soles for pupils with an ISIC card (try to get one prior to, you conserve big money while overseas)

Now you have some choices right here: the most affordable choice is to go towards the entrance in the place of obtaining coach, this program is freeee but it won’t be an easy hike and should simply take roughly 2 hours. The 2nd choice is buying a single method coach pass for 25 soles and then walk back down as soon as you’ve completed or finally you can get a return admission for 50 bottoms.

Note: There is lots of walking up and around in Machu Picchu that tires you completely therefore keep that at heart when coming up with a decision.

We chose to buy a return bus violation and paid 50 bottoms each.

Soon after we had bought every little thing we moved searching for many food. Aguas Calientes is not any doubt a traveler city and is encircled with pricey restaurants, but inside town is a huge Mercado together with moment we saw that people understood we'd get a hold of some really good cheap food. And we also had been right! Again we had a bowl of soup and a primary, but this time around for 7 soles each.

The gates to Machu Picchudon’t open until 6am, anytime you are walking, I’d say leaving at 4 am would be perfect to be able to enjoy Machu Picchu without a ridiculous amount of tourists. Or even the very first coach leaves at 5.30am.

Me at Machu Picchu sure IT REALLY IS AMAZING

Coming back you just do the exact same, now you will have guys waiting in the Hydroelectrico to take you to definitely Santa Teresa many may even go completely to Cusco (just is determined by the length of time you intend to wait)

We simply went along to Santa Teresa for 15 bottoms once again. As soon as we got to Santa Teresa we'd missed the first buses it will be a 4 time await another bus. Tip: if you'd like to get the coach try and try to reach Santa Teresa before 12pm. Once we performedn’t need wait we found myself in another collectivo that would just take people how you can Cusco, we bargained the cost to 25 bottoms each.

Coach to Quillabamba: 15 bottoms = $5

Ride from Santa Teresa to Hydroelectricos: 15 bottoms = $5

2 evenings stay at Aguas calientes: 50 bottoms = $18

Entrance pass to Machu Picchu: 128 bottoms = $46

Return Bus ticket to Machu Picchu: 50 soles = $18

Ride from Hydroelectrico to Santa Teresa: 15 soles = $5


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Depoimento de Visita ao ao Cusco Machu PIcchu Peru do Brazil
Depoimento de Visita ao ao Cusco Machu PIcchu Peru do Brazil
Machu Picchu and Peru Travel by View Peru and Signatures
Machu Picchu and Peru Travel by View Peru and Signatures
Machu Picchu on the Cheap
Machu Picchu on the Cheap
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