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I almost messed it all up. I experienced one work, book Machu Picchu seats on the web, and I blew it. Exactly how did it happen? Read on.

Really, if your wanting to continue reading, let us get you trapped on trip to date:

Ok, today read on.

Buying passes to Machu Picchu can be very complicated

Machu Picchu was once simpler to enter, however in order to preserve the site the Peruvian federal government instituted capability settings in 2011. Now just 2500 people are permitted to enter daily. During busy periods these slot machines tend to be taken on quickly.

There are some various kinds of tickets:

  • Machu Picchu: Grants you usage of the citadel at Machu Picchu (the primary web site). $68 at existing (January 2015) levels.
  • Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu: use of Machu Picchu and to the hill top that’s in the back ground of many images you see of Machu Picchu. Limited to 400 each day and in two teams, 200 entering Huayna Picchu between 7-8am and also the other 200 between 10-11am. $78.50
  • Machu Picchu + Montaña: Access to Machu Picchu plus another hike to the peak of Machu Picchu Mountain (Los Angeles Montaña). This peak sits above Machu Picchu behind where most pictures you’ve seen associated with citadel, facing Huayna Picchu. Limited to 400 per day. $78.50
  • Machu Picchu + Museo: usage of Machu Picchu plus the museum. $78.50

Therefore, an easy way of placing it can there be tend to be 2500 complete passes allowed for Machu Picchu. Out of those 2500, 400 passes are offered for the Huayna Picchu add-on and 400 are available for the Montaña add-on. Huayna Picchu passes tend to get the fastest.

The Government’s Website

That is where I screwed all of it up. The irritating part is there is an English type of the site, nonetheless it’s not entirely converted. Although we talk Spanish pretty much, we don’t see clearly perfectly. Anyway, t

Step One

Select the course you’d choose to purchase from the above mentioned listing (this is certainly most likely still review as ‘Seleccione la ruta’ on the website, even in the English variation). Then find the time you’d want to get and a calendar will pop up with all the access for many dates. Select just how many tickets you would like to get, then you’ll click on next step

Step Two

This is when it gets only a little cantankerous as well as the web site gets slightly glitchy. Fill out the shape for every individual coming to Machu Picchu (passport numbers may be compared to your original passport at the entry gate so please fully grasp this correct!). That’s truly it. Then you’re expected to visit next step. Here’s the thing though: Step Three doesn’t always appear. You may have to try once or twice in some different browsers. If it’s nevertheless no longer working, or simply just freezes up with the small clock spinning and rotating, change to the Spanish version of your website.

Third Step

Submit the form along with your target, accept the T&C (primarily that you won’t strip during the site, which hilariously occurs enough they necessary to say that), after that click Reserve


You can expect to get a Reservation Code. WRITE THE DOWN. Or copy it, or any. Make some type of note of it. YOU'RE NOT COMPLETE YET. I'd thought I happened to be because used to don’t read the instructions precisely. This reservation rule expires in twenty four hours, so don’t tempt fate, instantly go to the following page.

The second location to simply click may be the Payment loss.

Repayment Loss

Enter your reservation signal right here and enter your card information to fund the tickets.


Now you’ll go through the ‘Check-In’ tab.

Check-in loss

Enter your booking rule again. Some individuals need to wait 30 minutes or so for repayment to procedure.

As soon as your entry tickets are displayed (in pdf structure), PRINT THEM! They’re perhaps not emailed for you.

Buying through an agency

It’s this that we finished up doing. Once I discovered my vital mistake, the tickets when it comes to standard Machu Picchu “route” had been out of stock. We wound up booking the Macchu Picchu + Montana seats (despite the fact that we had no objective of going up the hill). When I tried to use the internet site I was nonetheless getting mistake communications left and appropriate, therefore I finished up using a company labeled as We paid a little additional, but ultimately they emailed united states the seats a single day we departed for Mexico City.

We slashed it way too near and I also didn’t read the instructions. Don’t resemble us! stick to the guidelines and you’ll be fine.


Search for a Suitable Hotel in Peru on the Map

Francesco Ballato Machu Picchu Deep House
Francesco Ballato Machu Picchu Deep House
Alex Raider - Machu Picchu (Double-K Ritual Remix)
Alex Raider - Machu Picchu (Double-K Ritual Remix)
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