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Lima Peru houses for sale

$104, 000 USD
- Overlooking the Amazonian Rainforest, develop on 1800 m² secure, and ( with 3 m high brick wall) protected land and contains 3 buildings : 4 solitary areas, 2 dual spaces & 1 triple spaces with, 3 bathrooms. Built in the traditional ...
$1, 100, 000 USD
- exclusive elevator to living area, and solution elevator to laundry area. Absolutely remodeled 4 years back. Custom curtains and sheers throughout . Stained glass windows in home. Condo front is arc-shaped. Building isn't affected by direct sun ...
$590, 000 USD
- Situated in the center of this Sacred Valley, between your historical city of Cusco additionally the encient Peak of Machu Picchu, our 60 yr old mud brick Quinta is restored with present day conviniences. We've 9 visitor spaces all w/private bath and an ...
$170, 000 USD
- This home features complete location 300m2, construction area 450m2. first floor: living room, living area, garage, kitchen area, washing area, visit room, 1 bath and 1 bedroom, inside and outside garden. Second-floor: living room, 5 rooms ( 2 master bed rooms ...
$340, 000 USD
- it was our family home whenever we lived in Peru in the eighties. We've been residing the United States since 1990 and then we must sell this home following the loss of my father. Wonderful area great investment home. Motivated ...
$165, 000 USD
- *House from plastic boom duration in central Iquitos on the 1st block of Calle Pevas. It is half a block through the Amazon and contains no noisy through traffic. However, you will find accommodations, restaurants and workplaces of forest lodges on the same block so ...
$2, 500, 000 USD
- most readily useful location in Cusco, IRR=14+, 750 m2 of liveable space, couple of measures from principal Plaza, elevator, new building of 4 tales into the back, and a colonial front side refitted to maintain big earthquakes. Front store for a company, additionally accountant’s ...
$350, 000 USD
- ...
$631, 260 USD
- breathtaking piece of land with Complete bundle of tiny boutique Hotel available. The land is situated in Cusco, Sacred Valley/Urubamba, Peru. Has 10, 521 sq meters of land featuring pears, peach, apple, fig, avocado, capulli trees and red grapes.
$700, 000 USD
- the land includes a house manufactured from lumber in good problems. has actually 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a kitchen and a storage. There is electrical energy and it has it own water normal system which comes from hill. your house is 10 min. walking through the lake and 7 ...

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