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Star Peru safety record

Lan AirlinesOnce we were looking for a trusted and inexpensive trip operator in Peru we got lost in a web of negative and positive reviews. Consequently, couple of Backpackers (BoB) chose to provide a synopsis centered on current experiences from other people with different air companies in Peru. In overview we present a short overview of each flight organization incorporating: safety, reliability, punctuality, reserving procedure, service and cost. That way you can compare the providers and also make a well-considered choice (Latest update: June 2014).

Domestic airlines

There are some air companies in Peru readily available for domestic flights:

– LAN Peru (part of LAN air companies)

– LC Peru

– Star Peru

– TACA air companies

– Peruvian Airlines

Evaluation: Experiences with (element of LAN air companies)

Background LAN Peru: LAN’s homebase is within Chile, but LAN’s trip system includes destinations in Latin America, united states, Oceania and Europe. Its as a whole referred to as most readily useful airline in Peru.

Flights to/from: Arequipa, Lima, Chiclayo, Cajamarca, Cuzco, Iquitos, Juliaca, Piura, Puerto Maldonado, Tacna, Tarapoto, Trujilo and Tumbes.

Security: exceptional protection record in accordance with Aero Overseas: 2 accidents since 1983. Latest 21 years ago. Secure flight.

Punctuality and dependability: Great. Rarely a delay or a cancellation.

LC Peru. Photo SkiesmagBooking: great.

Provider: On board solution is great. Floor service and customer care are supposedly reasonable to bad.

Cost: LAN is one of high priced airline.

Other remarks: LAN Peru costs ‘Gringo’ tax on routes form Lima to Cuzco. This gringo income tax is roofed inside on line solution price. Beware of additional costs in general.

Assessment: Experiences with LC Peru

Background LC Peru: created in 1993 as LC Buscre. It presently flies to 10 spots.

Flights to/from: Andahuyalas, Ayacucho, Cajamarca, Pisco, Lineas de Nasca, Jauja, Huanuco, Huaraz, Tingo Maria and Lima.

Security: No record of accidents. Old fleet, a number of people claim their particular upkeep isn't according requirements.

Punctuality and reliability: Less prompt versus other people. They have been propeller airplanes, as they are consequently very likely to be cancelled in bad weather.

Booking: Great. Repayment by Visa.

Service: Both the aboard solution and also the customer support are good.

Price: Reasonable listed.

Various other remarks: No ‘Gringo’ taxation

Assessment: Experiences with

Background: Star Peru was established in 1997. They mainly do interior routes.

Flights to/from: Lima, Iquitos, Huanuco, Ayacucho, Cuzco, Pucallpa, Tarapoto and Puerto Maldonada

Celebrity Peru Boeing. Picture WikipediaSafety: Older aircrafts, but no accidents have been reported

Punctuality and dependability: Occasionally wait or cancellation

Booking: Scheduling confirmation within an hour. Payment with VISA or Mastercard. The initial step when you look at the reservation process is reservation, after that uses the repayment action (which you’ll need certainly to fulfil within 24 hours).

Provider: Comfortable seats with leg area. Friendly. Confident with a snack or lunch package.

Cost: celebrity Peru is reasonable priced.

Background: TACA airlines ended up being started in 1931. It really is one of many much better air companies in Peru.

Flights to/from: Arequipa, Chiclayo, Cuzco, Juliaca, Lima, Piura, Puerto Maldonado, Tarapoto and Trujilo.

Protection: Quite a fleet. No reputation for accidents in Peru. Safe flight.

Punctuality and reliability: most frequently on time. Sensibly prompt and dependable.

Booking: Great

Provider: On board solution is great. Some reported instances of lost luggage. Customer support is not the best.

Price: this really is an acceptable low priced Peruvian flight.

Peruvian air companies logo design. Image had by Peruvian air companiesOther remarks: ‘Gringo’ tax (non-Peruvians) on flights to Cuzco and Puerto Maldonado (avoid this once you guide!!!). They charge a fee for Seat Assignment Stubs.

Background: Peruvian Airlines is fairly not used to industry and had been started in 2007.

Flights to/from: Arequipa, Cuzco, Iquitos, Lima, Piura, Tacna, Pucallpa, Tarapoto and Trujillo.

Security: Old fleet. Once all domestic routes were suspended for three months because the flight would not fulfill safety regulations.

Punctuality and reliability: Less punctual than other LAN/TACA/Star in general. They have a tendency to be cancelled / delayed quicker than the others (due to the old airplanes).

Scheduling: Immediate scheduling verification per mail. It is possible to pay by Visa or Mastercard. They clearly say the problems and what exactly is within the price. Discover an opportunity you'll be asked for your creditcard details by e-mail by Jenny Levano (jenny.levano[at] In reaction we emailed Peruvian airlines just to check if it absolutely was safe to deliver our details to the lady. No reaction. So, in the long run we didn't answer Mrs. Levano, but not surprisingly we didn't have issues with our trip.

Provider: On board service is good (light treat). Blended experiences regarding customer service.

Cost: this might be probably the most affordable flight operator in Peru.

Various other remarks: No ‘Gringo’ tax.

Some last ideas:

– Compare costs via websites like skyscanner, kayak and expedia
– Book early
– browse the basic circumstances
– If you have concerns, contact the operator before reserving
– After traveling report your knowledge returning to BoB!

Final records

– exactly how did we compose this overview? BoB searched cyberspace completely in order to find all current experiences utilizing the various airlines along with unique experiences and information from flight business site. Needless to say experiences differ per trip.
– ‘Gringo’ tax is implemented in LAN Peru and TACA Peru for certain locations. It is considering residency (maybe not nationality). ‘Gringo’ income tax can be very large (up to 178 USD).
– exactly how performed we compare prices: We examined 2 different domestic flights (Lima-Cusco and Lima-Arequipa) for 3 different dates with every regarding the various organizations along with traveller’s experiences.
– BoB advices that check modern updates on the airlines web site.

The end of our overview

So this was our small breakdown of the top airlines in Peru. We're going to perhaps not finish with a conclusion that says that ‘… is the greatest flight in Peru’. But we hope that you had the ability to work through the good qualities and disadvantages of each operator, to compare all of them and choose one that's to your preference.


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