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Tv in Peru has actually a brief history of more than fifty years. There are 105 tv broadcasters in Peru, 22 of which come in Lima. In regards to television receivers, in 2003 there were 5, 470, 000 — which 200 televisions for virtually any thousand inhabitants. The sheer number of cable members ended up being 967, 943 in 2011.


The initial experimental tramnsmission of television in Peru happened on September 21, 1939, sending a film and a creative system from Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe school in Lima. Another test transmission ended up being produced by Antonio Pereyra from Bolivar Hotel on 28, 1954. On January 17, 1958, the Ministry of Education and UNESCO inaugurated hawaii Channel 7 and conducted a test broadcast. 1st commercial television broadcast ended up being on Channel 4 Radio América in Lima, on December 15, 1958 by Nicanor González and José Antonio Umbert. Channel 4 broadcast America's creation was feasible considering an understanding with NBC and RCA.

A few commercial television channels adopted, including Channel 2 (Radiodifusora Victoria S.A.), Channel 13 — later changed to Channel 5 (Panamericana Televisión S.A.), Channel 9 (Compañía Peruana de Producciones Radiales y television), Channel 11 (Bego Televisión S.A.). Quite a few shortly acquired — or were of — channels outside Metropolitan Lima. In only 8 weeks, November and December 1959, Lima stores recorded product sales of 10, 000 tv sets, and full page adverts in papers and mags launched the start of the period of tv in Peru. By April 1960, there have been 55, 000 tv's operating inside Peruvian money. The growth had been volatile, since in 1958 there have been only 5, 000 tvs.

Digital television[edit]

On March 30, 2010, Peru starts electronic tv transition, with television Perú becoming the very first television station to began broadcast digitally. The analog broadcast in Peru will likely to be discontinued in 2020.


  • Channel 2: Frecuencia Latina — For many years managed by company shareholder Baruch Ivcher, he operated years in protection of a judicial order because of various abuses done because of the Winters brothers during the end for the Fujimori regime. In 2012, the organization ended up being offered to Enfoca Inversiones, a Peruvian investment team, led by CEO Jesus Zamora.
  • Channel 4: América Televisión — Property of the Crousillat household, administration ended up being passed away to your lenders considering exorbitant debt, and it is administered by a consortium led because of the newspapers and, inspite of the criticisms regarding the Crousillat family members.
  • Channel 5: Panamericana Televisión — Property of Ernesto Schutz Freundt, ended up being delivered into receivership by entrepreneur Genaro Delgado Parker, creator associated with network and a minor shareholder for the company, just who controlled the network until mid-2009, from which time it had been came back by judicial capacity to Schütz Freundt.
  • Channel 7: TV Perú — is one of the State.
  • Channel 9: ATV — Property of this Julio Vera Abad, but handled by the major creditor Guatelmalan-Mexican businessman Remigio Ángel González through worldwide television consortium Albavisión.
  • Channel 11: RBC Televisión Property of entrepreneur Ricardo Belmont Cassinelli and about 70, 000 partner investors who invested US$ 3M (at $1 per share) when the business had been formed in 1985 and Belmont assumed distribution of profits or interest.
  • Channel 13: Global TV developed businessman Vittorio de Ferrari. Passed away towards Peruvian broadcaster Genaro Delgado Parker, but managed by its primary creditor Guatemalan-Mexican businessman Remigio Ángel González through the international tv consortium Albavisión.
  • Channel 15: Los Angeles Tele — Property of Guatemalan-Mexican businessman Remigio Ángel González.
  • Channel 17: Pax television
  • Channel 19: JN19 (TeleJuan)
  • Channel 23: Perú television (repeater of ATV Sur signal from Arequipa)
  • Channel 25: Bethel Televisión
  • Channel 33: Channel 33 UHF (Universidad San Martin de Porres)
  • Channel 39: Channel 39 (devoted to the transmission of songs videos, belongs to Albavision)
  • Channel 41: Pacífico television
  • Channel 45: Villa television
  • Channel 49: Los Angeles Luz
  • Channel 51: UAP television (Universidad Alas Peruanas).
  • Channel 55: Tele Vida
  • Channel 57: Enlace
  • Channel 59: JBN


  • Channel 16: television Perú HD — The hd form of television Peru, which may be seen on television with a decoder, happens to be operational since March 30, 2010. Additionally has a replicated type of the SD analog sign and also can be seen on cellular phones due to the "One Seg" sign.
  • Channel 18: ATV HD — The hi-def type of ATV, with high-resolution images, was released on March 31, 2010. ATV móvil is seen on cellular phones through "One Seg" signal.
  • Channel 20: Frecuencia Latina HDTV — The hi-def version of Frecuencia Latina began testing September 2, and formally launched on September 14, 2010. In addition it has got the "One Seg" signal.
  • Channel 22: international Televisión HD — obtainable since August 28, 2010, also has a mobile signal.
  • Channel 24: América Televisión HD — this is actually the electronic large def version of América Televisión, on trial since July 2010. Moreover it has the "One Seg" signal: América television Portátil and also has actually an SD replicated analog signal.
  • Channel 26: Panamericana Televisión HD — started broadcasting in August 2011, however in SD.
  • Channel 28: Los Angeles Tele HD — begins broadcasting last year.
  • Channel 32: Perú TV HD — begins transmissions because of the end of 2014.
  • Channel 34: TBN-Enlace HD — in testing beginning in April 2011.
  • Channel 36: Bethel Television HD — begun transmissions last year.
  • Channel 38: RBC Televisión HD — will start transmissions in Summer 2014, final opportunity never to drop their particular permit.

Southern Peru[edit]

  • Compañía de Televisión Cusqueña, Channel 2 - Cusco
  • television Perú Austral - Cusco
  • TV Mundo - Cusco
  • Machu Picchu TV Channel 41 - Cusco - Residential Property of Don Mauro Calvo Acurio and section of Corporación Machupicchu - TV UHF 41 - Radio - 1110 have always been - 101.3 FM.
  • Channel UNSAAC - Cusco
  • Channel Universidad Andina - Cusco
  • Solar television - Cusco
  • VRTV Channel 21 Nasca

Eastern Peru[edit]

  • AmazoníaTV- Juanjuí
  • Videoriente Televisión, Channel 6 - Pucallpa
  • Channel E Frecuencia Educativa - Moyobamba]
  • television Cine - Moyobamba
  • Selva television - Moyobamba
  • Moyobamba Televisión - Moyobamba
  • Genius television - Moyobamba
  • Anteres TV - Moyobamba
  • Unión TV - Moyobamba
  • Sonora Comercial - Tarapoto

Peruvian cable systems[edit]

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