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Lima, Peru weather forecast


63°F 17°C

49°F 9°C

5 in 13 cm



46°F 7°C

3 in 7 cm


62°F 16°C

41°F 5°C

1 in 3 cm



2 cm


43°F 6°C


2 in 4 cm

Peru can be checked out throughout the year, nonetheless it all depends just what do you wish to do or visit.

Summer is from December to March but, it will be the rainy season regarding highlands plus the forest. During February the Inca Trail is shut for tourists.during the summer the shores south of Lima are superb. You may want to go right to the North of Peru and see Mancora all year round, since it is near to the Equator and will be sunny.

It never rains in Lima, but it gets cold as a result of moisture between June and August. Its normally overcast with fog. If you go out of Lima to the central mountains, you will find the sunlight about an hour away.

Top time and energy to go to Cusco is between Summer and August, but the recommend time and energy to visit is within April, May or September to October, just after and prior to the rainy period and also the tourist crowds of people. Should you not mind the rainfall and therefore are maybe not performing the Inca path, the highlands tend to be breathtaking green and flowery during rainy period.

Sunlight is definitely out in the highlands, however it will undoubtedly be chilly in afternoons and very cool during cold temperatures through the night. Dress with garments in layers ( t shirt, lengthy sleeve clothing, sweater, coat) to help you "peel" them down as it gets hotter and place them back on with regards to gets colder. Bring a little backpack to hold your clothing and traveler clothing.


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