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Peru rainforest Facts


Peruvian Amazon

Extension: 782.880 km2,
Area: The Peruvian Amazon is an area of this Amazon rainforest that is based in Peru, northwest of south usa, east of Andes

It is divided geographically into two regions: the lowland and highland jungle

*The first a person is the biggest region in Peru and has levels which range from 80 to 400 m It is hot climate (average temperature of 28 °) and large humidity, and gifts extensive rain throughout the year. In this region where lake Amazon, including others including Putumayo, Ucayali, Marañón, Yavari, Napo, Tigre and Pastaza

*Second, the large woodland is situated in the east foothills regarding the Andes. Gifts heights including 400 to 1000 m Thus, the climate tend to be hot in the lowlands and cooler into the highlands. It's also due to its separation from the remaining Amazon area as well as other areas, the habitat of numerous species, to take pleasure from particular circumstances, are special worldwide.

Its principal water source is the Amazon River, the biggest river and extensive world which originates from the medial side of this rivers: Ucayali and Marañon. This has a depth around 10 to 30 meters, its width varies between 1.8 and 16km, its size is around 6 500km which 713km are only 3 in Peru. The same, it feeds significantly more than 1 100 tributary rivers to its lips within the Atlantic Ocean.

Peru Travel Planner, holidays and breaksThe geographical location of the Peruvian Amazon is probably one of the most biodiversity areas on the planet. Such may be the number of species that reside indeed there, many nevertheless undiscovered that is why Peru may be the second nation on the planet inside industry, behind Colombia, while the 3rd inside animals are worried.

Amphibians: 262
Wild Birds: 806
Animals: 293
Flowering flowers: 7, 372
Ferns: 700
Fish: 697
Reptiles: 180

Peruvian Woodland

Climate: In the forest, the biggest area of Peru (over 50% for the nation). From a climatic point of view, we distinguish three well-defined regions: the jungle, the large woodland and reasonable forest. The foremost is characterized by an exotic weather with an average yearly temperature between 22 ° and 26 °, rendering it the wettest area of Peru, the second even offers a tropical weather with an annual heat of 31 ° and couple of heat variants through the 12 months, which makes it the hottest, as well as the third has a warm and humid, with rainfall not more than 3.000 mm

The Peruvian forest contains 5 departments, they are:

Loreto, the administrative centre: Iquitos
Amazonas: Chachapoyas
San Martin: Moyobamba
Ucayali: Pucallpa
Madre de Dios: Puerto Maldonado

This might be regarded as a significant earth's lungs. Its area is mostly about 756.866 kilometer ², divided in to top of the Amazon, or also called Rain Forest, Jungle or Rainforest and Lower Shroud of Palms.

The jungle of Peru has extremely fertile land subtropical which you can find different habitats concerning abundant flora and fauna.

Interesting things to know about the Peruvian rainforest & the Amazon
*More than 50 % of Peru is covered by forest and rainforests. Specifically, the Amazon Rainforest is the most famous worldwide. Actually, Peru is a part associated with the Amazonas, or an accumulation of four countries which the Amazon River passes through.

* Peru's Rainforests have several thousand native plants, and pets. Some of these flowers have however to-be discovered- many are even used in modern-day medications to cure diseases.

*The Amazon River Basin could be the biggest rainforest in the field. This rainforest is situated in the northeast part of Peru.

*Peru is very defensive of their natural rainforests, and in the recently developed a nationwide playground to guard its rainforests and natural resources from being harmed by deforestation and pollution.

*More than 20percent of Earth's air is produced in this area, thus title "Lungs for the Planet"

*With 2, 5 million square kilometers, the Amazon rainforest signifies 54percent of this total rainforests left of the earth Amazon rainforest wild birds take into account one third of the world's bird species, becoming toucan the most used icon

* over fifty percent of the world's predicted ten million types of flowers, animals and bugs are now living in the tropical woodland. Read more at Amazon rainforest animals


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