Peru Quick Facts

Peru Quick Facts

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Image your self learning Spanish and Peruvian history, art, and biology among stunning hill views and llamas. Our program includes a-trip to one associated with Seven marvels around the globe: Machu Picchu!

Invest January in the Imperial City of the Incas. Just take 1-2 courses while exploring the Andean location, old structure and modern day tradition of Cusco, Peru.

Immerse yourself in the center of Incan tradition while you learn Spanish- language and Peru-focused programs taught in English. Our program includes a-trip to at least one regarding the Seven miracles of the World: Machu Picchu!

Find out about how to speak spanish while the regional culture from top professors, alongside students from Lima and worldwide. Get sand boarding, go to the highland cities for the Andes, and explore Islas Ballestas to see penguins, seals, and water lions.

Educational System

While learning in Peru, you will find that the academic system resembles that of the US. You may enjoy tiny courses taught by regional and worldwide faculty. Based your standard of Spanish, you will use the appropriate classes for the language abilities. Numerous courses will also be taught in English. Our programs both in Lima and Cusco offer Spanish-language classes and classes taught in English.

Health and Safety

Generally speaking, Peru is a safe vacation location, but simply like in the US, there are specific safety measures that you need to just take. Pickpocketing is considered the most common petty crime, but knowing your surroundings, traveling with a pal, keeping a close attention on your own belongings constantly, and wise practice will make sure a satisfying experience overseas. Peru does not have many general health dangers beyond those found in the usa. But regular water is usually hazardous to drink, but adhere to water in bottles and you’ll be good. Additionally, be aware of different forms of meals that your body may well not yet be employed to or has actuallyn’t however skilled. In the beginning, you'll have problems with food allergies or short-term ill effects until yourself expands used to the local cuisine. Medical insurance isn't needed because of the Peruvian government, but CIS includes an extensive health and accident insurance plan along with of our programs.

Fast Details

Official title of nation: Republic of Peru

Populace: 29.1 million

Capital City: Lima

Time Difference: Peru is on Central traditional Time, so it's 60 minutes behind the east shore and 2 hours in front of the west shore.

National Animal: Vicuña

National Currency: Nuevo sol

National Flower: Cantuta

National Food: Ceviche

Languages: Although Spanish is the primary language in Peru, there are certain languages talked by folks in the Andes. Today, you can still find many indigenous languages thriving through the entire country. More prominent second tongue is Quechua, which is spoken by about 13percent for the population. Your Spanish courses will certainly increase language abilities, but go ahead and decide to try your hand at learning newer and more effective Quechua phrases also!

Geography: Peru is found on the western part of South America and stocks borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile. The majestic Andes include the majority of the topography of Peru and divide the united states into three distinct areas: the coastline, the highlands, as well as the forest. In only one country there are arid plains, plateaus, snow-covered mountain peaks, and flat Amazon rainforest terrain. Climate, like the location, varies through the nation.

Famous People: Pietro Sibille (actor), Mariano Melgar (poet), Ricardo Palma (writer), José Sabogal (artist), and Yma Sumac (singer).

Great Movies: Piratas en el Callao; The Milk of Sorrow; Dragones: Destino de Fuego; City of M; Los Angeles Mujer de mi Hermano.

Meet Peru Site Director

Peru Site Director Interview: Cristian

Exactly what three things about Peru succeed a perfect destination to invest a semester abroad?

1) Peru is a nation with so many stunning places to check out, from the coastline on Andes, from the mountains toward deserts.
2) individuals, they're extremely friendly and welcoming.
3) Peru just isn't a really high priced country, there is a large number of places where you are able to eat and travel for affordable prices for a student.

As students yourself, exactly what advice is it possible to provide students about managing work and play during their semester in Peru?
Knowledge in Peru is different in many ways, international pupils don’t need certainly to anticipate a training system like one they've in USA, from the beginning and at positioning you will find obvious expectation and schedules. Research abroad pupils will find sufficient time for playing, traveling and achieving fun.

What's your favorite vacation destination in Peru, and exactly why?


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"Y SE LLAMA PERU " a ritmo de salsa orquesta "ZENIZA ALL
"Y SE LLAMA PERU " a ritmo de salsa orquesta "ZENIZA ALL ...
El Peru(Y se Llama Peru)
El Peru(Y se Llama Peru)
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