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Partners Ministry of Energy and Mines / Ministry of Agriculture / Electricity offer businesses (utilities) / Regional governments / neighborhood governments / exclusive companies
Implementers GIZ, IICA, PracticalAction
Results (06/2015) Access to electricity:

Accessibility contemporary cooking power:

Use of contemporary power services

  • 5, 376 social establishments
  • 10, 548 SMEs


Practical Action implements the project „Fondo de Innovación y Desarrollo de Cocinas Portátiles a Leña – FIDECOP” (Fund for Innovation and growth of Portable Firewood Stoves) and EnDev Peru. The task aims to foster the production of enhanced cookstoves (ICS) appropriate towards requirements for the peri-urban and outlying population. Bonuses are provided for little and medium companies which make ICS (LPG, improved firewood stoves, or solar power cookers) to research and develop new technologies. In order to help businesses that are looking to participate, the FIDECOP tasks provides consultations in connection with RBF process to individuals. There is more detailed information on (information in Spanish).

EnDev Peru offers RBF bonuses for direct and credit-based product sales of solar power water heating units (SWH) and the long-lasting functioning among these items to guide the introduction of a rural market. EnDev is for that reason seeking micro-finance organizations and businesses with experience with the sector and interested to take part in the task. All home elevators the call for proposals can be found here (information in Spanish). Title-peru.jpg

Energy Circumstances

When compared with other countries where the EnDev programme is implemented, Peru features a relatively high rate of electrification of around 80per cent at national degree. In rural areas, but no more than 60per cent for the population inhabit electrified areas; over 4 million people have no usage of electrical energy. Biomass is the prevalent source of energy employed for cooking in outlying places. Most rural Peruvian houses make use of firewood for cooking, generally in conventional three-stone hearths. Due to the cold and windy environment associated with Andes, females generally speaking prepare in rooms with tiny windows and extremely little ventilation.


EnDev Peru promotes access to energy for lighting in rural and semi-rural areas in numerous kinds. Regarding one hand, EnDev facilitates electrical connections, making given that the beneficiaries on their own fund their facilities therefore the month-to-month electricity prices. EnDev also encourages the market for solar power house systems and picoPV products. Structures are required to build up the advertising of photovoltaic systems because regarding the sustainability of these utilizes.

EnDev Peru encourages usage of improved, reasonable emission cookstoves. To do this, EnDev provides technical assist with governing bodies, exclusive organizations and non-government organizations. EnDev works across the value chain with companies, specialists and kitchen stove installers. Stoves can be used and preserved well. Another focus of EnDev's term tend to be consequently awareness raising programmes permanently consumption and maintenance.

EnDev Peru in addition aids access to solar water heating units. EnDev offers technical assistance to governments and personal organizations working on solar power heaters and solar dryers. It also facilitates control and follow-up from the micro-financing method of solar water heating units with microfinance institutions.

Eventually, EnDev Peru encourages access to power for effective uses. Here, EnDev facilitates use of collective usage technologies for little farmers from manufacturers' associations. En Dev offers technical assistance in order to advise from the enhanced technology, from the current companies as well as on the commercial advantages for productive activities. EnDev in addition encourages access to Agroideas, a government program that delivers funds to improve the productivity of farmers' organizations.


Effects in energy to illuminate:

  • Financial preserving: the average monthly expense in electric batteries, oil or candles ended up being of 35 new soles, whilst it was paid down to an average of 16 new bottoms as from having an electric powered connections or Pico PV.
  • Improvement in life high quality and circumstances: because they have had light, the homes have actually increased nocturnal activities, in doing research with all the kiddies plus in housework jobs. Technology is much more dependable, today they may be able handle situations without the risk of burns off or fires. Also, the feeling of protection when you look at the streets has grown.
  • Loss of indoor pollution: households are no much longer confronted with smoke cigarettes and soot from candle lights and oil lamp wicks, considering that the electric connections together with PV Peaks are clean technologies.

Effects in energy to prepare with:

  • Economic preserving: on the whole, families having improved cookstoves invest between 7 and 12 soles; with traditional stoves save money, between 23 to 26 bottoms month-to-month.
  • Loss of emissions within the area: people perceive a reduction in coughs and bronchial attacks and in attention infections. This data is complemented with laboratory examinations performed by SENCICO which mention that improved cookstoves reduce normally, 96, 90% of CO and 96, 98% of PM2.5.
  • Decrease in deforestation: inside standard stoves, average wood consumption is of 10 kg a day, while the improved cookstoves eat 5 kg achieving an effectiveness of 50percent.

Effects in power for effective uses:

  • Earnings generation and financial saving: the manufacturers who had been consulted said that there is present a rise in economic income since the new technology has been used. Moreover, they mention that the use of the technology features let them save expenses inside their production, and enhance the services and products available. Because of the advantages of the latest technology for manufacturing, they say that they would be prepared to assume the full total price so that you can purchase a technology or repair it just in case current one fails.

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