Welcome to Peru in Spanish

Spanish program Peru CuscoProyecto Peru utilizes an interactive approach to training according to discovering through training within the classroom and around town. We offer pupils of all of the amounts with intensive Spanish programs built to meet with the individual needs of each and every pupil.

We focus on improving the language capability of pupils through discussion, comprehension, pronunciation, grammar and reading. Eventually, we analyze crucial grammatical points at each and every degree.

Courses tend to be lively with interactive tasks supplying all the aspects of language that you need to have. The highly competent Spanish teachers of Proyecto Peru offer many different tasks and activities (visits to a nearby market, volunteer task, plaza, etc) to assist you find out Spanish better.

Learning Spanish using Spanish programs of Proyecto Peru works well and fun!

No-cost services and activities

The Spanish college of Proyecto Peru offers the woman students different services that you can use through your stay static in Cusco. All programs range from the following services.

  • Free regular task like: welcome dinner, Peruvian preparing course, salsa training and Latin-American movie night
  • Free town map
  • No-cost airport get in Cusco with any accommodation
  • Free coffee and beverage in school
  • Study materials included
  • Studying Spanish in a small team, maximum of 4 students.
  • a written test to make sure you are placed in a group of pupils with the same amount
  • Totally free Wi-Fi in the college
  • Certificate of Spanish program
  • Luggage storage
  • We rent cellphones
  • Proyecto Peru pupil rebate card for various bars, restaurants and solutions in Cusco
  • Complimentary book trade
  • Free traveler information and possibility to guide tours and trekkings
APEC 2008 - Welcome to Peru
APEC 2008 - Welcome to Peru
Welcome to the black parade HD ( SUBTITULADA INGLES ESPAÑOL )
Welcome to the black parade HD ( SUBTITULADA INGLES ESPAÑOL )
Leeland in peru spanish worship song | inspirational
Leeland in peru spanish worship song | inspirational ...
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