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IMG 6401We invested about weekly of our recent Southern American vacation going to the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Cusco in Peru. It’s hard to state which element of Peru ended up being the most wonderful. I feel photographs can’t even do the country justice, but right here these are generally anyways… i am hoping you prefer using a glimpse…

Machu Picchu is awe-inspiring – the landscape around it's unlike something I have ever seen before.

We'd every types of potato imaginable!

We drank plenty of fresh coca tea – the remedy for altitude vomiting. I didn’t become ill, but had been definitely experiencing the alteration within my breathing patterns. Exercising whilst in this area of the nation was REALLY hard! It was worth it, but I Happened To Be huffing and puffing my way through it…

We had back-up oxygen in our mini club – definitely a primary.

We ate quinoa daily – this is certainly a risotto with mushrooms and olives. Do you realy look at foam? Another first – Gastronomique quinoa.

After a lengthy day's tasks in town of Urubamba – we went to the cutest place to have home made pizzas prepared in a lumber burning oven.

Much more quinoa, this time around with shrimp – it was a beautiful undertake shrimp and grits…. It absolutely was so good We ordered two times over 2 days.

Staying in The Sanctuary Lodge had been surreal! We were literally correct close to Machu Picchu along with the chance to relax between hikes. Right here, i'm hanging out during my gown appreciating dessert waiting around for some rainfall to subside and for my garments to dry.


IMG 6166Horseback cycling in Urubamba Valley

We rode through gorgeous facilities – anything from agave to broccoli to cabbage and corn.

Quick travel tip – Since we had been gone nearly monthly, we chose to simply take less stuff and do our laundry a few times during our travel. We found a complete service laundromat (who performed every little thing for us) and wound up paying no more than bucks for 1.5 week’s worth of clothing. When we had gotten it done at the hotel where we had been residing in Urubamba – it could have already been 20 times higher priced! This place had been virtually right down the street from our resort – Tambo Del Inka. Amazing right?! another long travel we just take, We anticipate mailing our hotel concierge to check out the nearest laundromat and/or googling it in advance – We never ever wish to pay hotel prices once again!

Amaranth growing beautifully next to corn and quinoa… Many farmers diversify their plants by growing all three on top of that.

This Will Be purple quinoa – STUNNING!

Guinea Pig is the neighborhood delicacy… I happened to ben’t brave adequate to put one of these brilliant adorable little dudes into the oven (which can be unpictured and right next to all of them!)

It was among my major splurges on a number of events – deep-fried yucca with a turmeric based sauce. SO GOOD.

Climbing over the Urubamba River…

Zip-lining down following the long rise up…

Lots of people recommend refusing to eat natural greens in foreign countries – but we alway ignore that advice and pay attention to my gut – which says to eat them till we drop! Ha.

IMG 6220Quinoa spaghetti filled with ricotta together with pesto.

We took an elegant old-school train labeled as the Hiram Bingham to Cusco from Machu Picchu. They served united states a complete 4 program meal with live enjoyment and dancing…SO MUCH FUN!

Fish together with a quinoa cake… definitely!

The Scene after a hike towards the top of Cusco…

Quinoa pancakes made to order – my husband’s specialty.

Amaranth = Kiwicha in Peruvian – I adored these cookies with tea.

A lot of fresh juice was readily available around Cusco.

We purchased the kidney juice…with carrots, celery and cucumber.

Lucuma chocolate – Mmmmm.

I could have spent times into the San Pedro Marketplace in Cusco…

Fresh yucca… appearance and tastes like a potato, but better.

Have you been tried of witnessing quinoa however?

Black (Non – GMO) Corn… OH YEAH. Peru features prohibited GMOs.

In the market that they had a female combining up a number of medicinal cocktails utilising the normal healing capabilities of food. I needed to select the woman mind – but the woman Spanish was solution to fast for people!

Awaymanto Mermelada = Goldenberry Jam. YUM.

That is prickly pear fruit – also referred to as “atun.”

Green’s thai curry was OMG good.

The cook at Chi-Cha taught myself about all the different types of mint obtainable in Peru. My personal favorite andean mint helps make the many TASTY tea. I will look for it here… I’ll inform you if I do – it has this natural kinda of sweetness to it this is certainly so calming!

IT WAS A RIDICULOUS dessert served to us at Chi-Cha. Lucuma ice-cream with fresh fantastic berries and raw cacao. I’ve never really had such a “SUPERFOOD” premium dessert such as this before. I needed to lick the dish directly after we had been done.

Cusco a single day before Xmas Eve….

Getting to our college accommodation, we discovered mistle toe on our door. It Had Been like we never ever left residence…

On Christmas Eve we journeyed to Paracas to expend the break with a few pals before maneuvering to Ecuador. Those photos should be for the next time.

Until after that…

Food Babe

P.S. If you're deciding on planing a trip to Peru (or happen) – please leave a comment and/or inquire… Our schedule played on so perfectly and desire everyone else could experience this stunning nation the same!

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Cusco, Peru - Episode 1
Cusco, Peru - Episode 1
Cusco, Peru - Part 1
Cusco, Peru - Part 1
Testimonio de viaje en Cusco Peru. Tours a machupicchu
Testimonio de viaje en Cusco Peru. Tours a machupicchu
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