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Background Basics

Llamas are people in the camel (camelid) family members. Camelids began in the main flatlands of the united states in which they existed 40 million years ago. Three million years ago llama-like creatures dispersed to south usa. Because of the end associated with the final ice age (10, 000-12, 000 years back) camelids had been extinct in North America. Llamas had been domesticated from guanacos when you look at the Andean highlands of Peru 4, 000-5, 000 years ago and generally are among the oldest domestic animals worldwide. Mainly a beast of burden, they offered native herdsmen with beef, wool for garments, hide for protection, pellets for fuel and choices for their gods. Today you can find approximately 50, 000 llamas in the United States and Canada.

Physical Realities

Life span: About 20 years
Average height: 45" at shoulder, 5-6' in the mind
Normal weight: 250-400 lbs.
Average gestation: 350 times


A single infant (cria) is generally created, without assistance from a standing mama during hours of sunlight. Twinning is unusual.


Typical beginning fat is 18-35 lbs. Children are typically up-and nursing within 90 mins. These are generally weaned at about 5-6 months.


Females tend to be first-bred at 14-18 months of age. Llamas would not have a temperature cycle but they are induced ovulators (ovulation) happens 24-36 hours after breeding). Hence they can be bred at any time of the season.


Wool ranges from white to black, with colors of grey, beige, brown, purple and roan between. It could be solid, spotted or marked in a range of patterns.


Because llamas and their ancestors tend to be particularly worthy of the harsh environment of their Andean homeland, united states proprietors will see them extremely sturdy, healthier, easy to take care of and virtually disease-free.

Llamas tend to be eco painful and sensitive, smart animals. Their particular foot, comprised of smooth pads with 2 toenails, affect the environment lower than the shoes of a typical hiker, yet llamas tend to be strong. A conditioned llama can carry about 25% to 30percent of its body weight, making a llama as powerful, if you don't stronger, than a horse.

Llamas are superb working lovers and family pets. They usually have predictable, peaceful reactions to brand new situations. Llamas are reliable. Their smart, mild nature permits even young children to interact using them. The fibre of llamas is spun and woven into sweaters, blankets, hats and so on. Llamas are employed in pet facilitative treatment because of their soothing results. Families could possibly get a part of llamas in 4-H, Scouts alongside youth teams.

Llamas make excellent guardian animals for sheep herds. They will have comparable diet demands and certainly will guard the herd from various kinds of predatory animals.

Llamas have actually discrete restroom practices. Their particular pelleted droppings, comparable to a deer, are virtually odorless and tend to be deposited within the public dung pile. This neatness reduces parasite contamination, decreases fly issues and tends to make cleaning easier for the owner. A llama's effective digestive tract in addition helps get rid of introduction of noxious weeds to the environment. These pellets also make a superbfertilizer for home and garden.


What are they employed for?

Utilizes consist of reproduction stock; wool manufacturing; pack creatures; guardians; therapy; driving creatures and animals.

Will they be smart?

Llamas tend to be smart and simple to teach. Within 1-5 repetitions they are going to pick up and keep many abilities such as for example accepting a halter, being led, running inside and out of a car, pulling a cart or carrying a pack.

Can you use their particular wool?

Oil free, lightweight llama wool is hot and luxurious and popular with spinners and weavers.

Are they good pack animals?

Llamas are excellent packers. Their particular two-toed foot using its leathery base pad gives llamas an excellent sure-footedness. This foot, plus the llamas capability to browse, provide the llama an impacton the environmental surroundings comparable to that a sizable deer.

Exactly what and just how much do they eat?

Llamas tend to be an altered ruminant with a three-compartment stomach. They chew their cud like cattle and sheep. Due to a relatively low protein requirement due to their efficientdigestive systems, they may be kept on many different pastures or hay. One llama eats 4 bales of hay or less monthly, dependenton pasture quality.

Understanding their personality like?

These extremely social pets need the companionship of their species.Independent yet timid, llamas tend to be mild and fascinated. Their particular calm nature and good judgment cause them to become simple for anybody, also kiddies, to deal with.

Just what sounds do they make?

Llamas communicate with a few ear, human anatomy and tail positions, along with a shrill alarm telephone call and a humming noise.

Do they spit?

Spitting is the llamas means of saying "Bug Off!" Ordinarily used between llamas to divert irritating suitors, prevent a sensed threat or, mostly, to ascertain pecking order at mealtime, an intermittent llama who has been obligated to tolerate excessive human control could have created an attitude for or a concern about people and can spit if they feel threatened by them.

Initially compiled by the International Llama Assn. and modified by other individuals... file created 3/94

published by Karen Conyngham 3/94 modified by Jerry Lunsford

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