Tomb Raider Anniversary: Lost

Tomb Raider Anniversary Peru the Lost Valley

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  1. Tyrannosaurs Rex can be found in Peru, Level 3: The missing Valley. You will see a cutscene ahead of the real struggle. During the cutscene, you will have two parts involving you. If the glowing white arrows appear, hit the required secrets W/S/A/D (We have only played on PC, however the rule goes for all gaming systems) depending on where the arrow is pointing.
  2. Start fighting the Tyrannosaurus Rex by shooting at him along with your pistols from afar. (Note: The Tyrannosaurus' trend club at the top right of one's screen) it'll increase the more you capture during the Tyrannosaurus. The Tyrannosaurs battles by advancing you, chomping, and slashing with his tail. He is slow, so he's an easy task to avoid.
  3. Adrenaline Dodge: when the Tyrannosaurs' trend are at its peak, the Tyrannosaur will charge. For those who have time, relocate to stand-in front side of a spiked club. Once the display converts blurry, utilize the Adrenaline Dodge (going both left or correct) while secured on the Tyrannosaur. As soon as it hits purple, shoot at him. The Tyrannosaur will fumble, and ram to the spiked bar (if Lara is standing facing one) causing severe damage to the Tyrannosaur. You may want to beat the Tyrannosaur without utilization of the spiked taverns if you cannot get to one in time; however, it takes longer time for you to conquer the Tyrannosaur.
  4. Image titled Defeat the Tyrannosaurus Rex in Tomb Raider Anniversary action 2 Repeat action # 3. fundamentally the Tyrannosaur's health will reduce all the way, and you will continue Lara's adventure.


  • Adrenaline Dodge: it is a unique function to your Tomb Raider games. This move will become necessary in Anniversary to defeat the 3 major employers. The Adrenaline Dodge can be used differently dependent on which gaming console you are playing Anniversary on. I, myself, have only played the Computer form of Tomb Raider: Anniversary, and so I can help you from there. (The rules imply, but with all the video gaming systems Anniversary can be acquired on) Just read the guide that accompany the game.
  • In Tomb Raider, whenever you provoke the enemies by shooting at all of them, their rage increase, many of them will charge Lara. When they do, the display screen transforms blurry, and time decreases, giving Lara the chance to counterattack. For Computer, whenever display goes blurry, swiftly make use of the cursor secrets W/S/A/D (easier than wanting to make use of the arrow secrets - unless you have three arms!)along using left Shift secret to dodge, and just fire whenever lock-target turns from gray to purple! For smaller enemies: wolves, raptors, mummies, etc... the results frequently an instantaneous kill. When it comes to bosses, it's going to just stun them, startle all of them, or travel all of them.
  • Tyrannosaurs Rex recommendations: The fight moves along quickly in the event that you shoot within Tyrannosaur while standing before a spiked club. But don't get ahead of your self. In the event that Tyrannosaur gets near, move apart, regardless if it means utilizing the Adrenaline Dodge from a spiked bar.
  • Always save your valuable online game! Constantly! I experienced one event where in actuality the game froze on me personally during my battle with the Tyrannosaur and I got pushed far-back to the online game, having to do all of the degree yet again.
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    Lara Croft Tomb Raider Anniversary: Peru The Lost Valley
    Lara Croft Tomb Raider Anniversary: Peru The Lost Valley ...
    Tomb Raider Anniversary: Peru - The Lost Valley 2-2
    Tomb Raider Anniversary: Peru - The Lost Valley 2-2
    Tomb Raider anniversary - Peru - the lost valley
    Tomb Raider anniversary - Peru - the lost valley ...
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