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The Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu could very well be Peru's most well-known memorial.The historical Sanctuary of Machu Picchu could very well be Peru's most famous memorial. (Picture: Images )

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Nestled along Pacific Ocean and sandwiched between Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia and Brazil, Peru frequently lures site visitors because of its wealthy culture and diverse surroundings. Not only is it the origin of Amazon River, South America's third-largest country is fabled for being the origin for very early civilizations, such as the Incas. The legacy of early civilization in Peru is responsible for its monuments. Though there are many, Peru's most well-known monuments can be seen at designated UNESCO world heritage sites.

City of Cuzco

Nestled within the Andes Mountains of Peru, Cuzco initially had been a moderate Incan metropolitan center. Spaniards preserved the structure regarding the town once they conquered it in the 16th century. These days Cuzco is a mixture of Incan and Spanish tradition with monuments such as Baroque churches and palaces. Todays Plaza de Armas in Cuzco ended up being as soon as home to 3 palaces that were destroyed and changed by a cathedral, the Santa Catalina convent plus the Santo Domingo de Guzman convent.

Historical Sanctuary of Machu Picchu

More than 60 miles from Cuzco, inside tropical rainforest regarding the Andes, lies the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. Also known as the Eighth Wonder around the globe, the archaeological site of Machu Picchu easily earns its location as Peru's most famous memorial. The 32, 500 hectacre town comprises of walls, terraces and ramps that appear to be normally formed into the east mountains regarding the Andes. The website remains among the world's final examples of all-natural architecture so that as perhaps one of the most awesome constructions regarding the Incan empire.


Chavín, additionally found in the Peruvian Andes, is Peru's first pre-Colombian archaeological site. Chavín hosts the stays of this village of Chavín de Huántar, a religious site, which is made from temples and pyramids built over an intricate community of galleries and megaliths. Nearly all Chavín's monuments were covered after a destructive landslide in 1945 but being slowly excavated since 1980. The embellished monuments have numerous zoomorphic, or animal-like, functions including jaguars, snakes and condors.


Lima, Peru's money, provides visitors monuments that mirror the Spanish colonial history of Peru. In the city's center lies the 2 convents of San Francisco de Lima and Santa Catalina de Arequipa which are considered the biggest frameworks of their type on earth. Furthermore, the Plaza de Armas, Plaza de los angeles Vera Cruz additionally the convent of San Fransisco stay as a few of the just types of Hispano-American Baroque into the metropolitan area of these days's Lima.


Started by a group of Spanish conquistadors in 1540, the town of Arequipa continues to be an example of the blending of European and indigenous architecture. Like in various other Peruvian towns and cities, Arequipa's historic landmarks can be obtained surrounding the town's center, the Plaza de Armas. Arequipa's monuments consist mostly of religious structures from the 16th to 19th hundreds of years. Arequipa has experienced many destructive earthquakes which have required the rebuilding of older structures.

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