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Peru Tour Operators

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Monttrek is just one of the pioneers in trekking and climbing in Huaraz with more than twenty years experience. A kick off point for serious climbers. (> view here for more information)

Specialists in personalized outside recreations like backpacking, rock & ice climbing and hill cycling, gear leasing and traveler information. Workplaces situated in Caraz (attractive town about 67km north of Huaraz) (> click the link for more information)

Mountain cycling specialists in Huaraz. Offer a number of tours, gear rental, guides and information. Great bicycles, professional service. Over decade experience. (> follow this link to find out more)

Trekking, climbing, mountain cycling and equipment leasing. Provide a number of circuits from 3 to 25 times. (> click on this link to find out more)

Explorandes is a long well-known adventure trip providers in Peru, with offices in Cusco, Lima and Huaraz. They are high priced but their services are high-quality and dependable. (> click here for more info)

Tours regarding the Cañon del Pato and Laguna Paron, Chavin de Huantar, the Lagunas Llanganuco and Pastoruri. (> click here for more info)

Offer several times tours including Chavin de Huantar, the Lagunas Llanganuco and Pastoruri.

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Be Peru Boutique Tour Operator - Catedral de Lima y Plaza
Be Peru Boutique Tour Operator - Catedral de Lima y Plaza ...
Peru Classic Tour - Machete Tours, Peruvian Tour Operator.
Peru Classic Tour - Machete Tours, Peruvian Tour Operator.
Peru Travel - Peru Tours | Best Tour Operators in Peru
Peru Travel - Peru Tours | Best Tour Operators in Peru ...
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