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Peru Nazca Lines Tour

Enjoy an exciting 35 moment flight within the Nazca Lines, providing an amazing opportunity to see 12 of the most extremely famous Nazca Lines, including the hummingbird, dog, fingers, astronaut, tree, spider, whale, lizard, shark plus. We’ll pick you up at your resort in Nazca, or from bus place. You will be transported to Maria Reiche Airport, about ten full minutes far from downtown Nazca. At the airport, we will help you utilizing the check-in procedure, such as for example having to pay your airport taxation, dealing with security, being considered. Then you can certainly view a quick documentary from the advancement associated with the Nazca Lines. Then we are going to help you in stepping into your Cessna 206 plane.


What’s one of them tour?

  • Pickup at your hotel or coach section
  • Transfer toward airport
  • Video documentary about Nazca Lines
  • One chair aboard a Cessna 206 plane
  • Drop-off at your hotel afterward

What’s maybe not most notable trip?

  • Airport tax [ten dollars USD per person]

Flight extent:

Flight deviation times

  • Repeatedly hourly, from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Information and Recommendations:

  • All people must deliver passports
  • Please use light clothes (t-shirts, shorts, etc)
  • Please consume break fast after your flight
  • In case the weight is more than 90 kilos (200 pounds)
  • please tell us

The reason why choose united states for this tour ?

  • High-quality customer care
  • Reputation for honesty and dependability
  • Flights are onboard the safest airlines
Source: www.nazcaflights.com

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Tours to San Fernando,Nazca-Peru
Tours to San Fernando,Nazca-Peru
11. Nasca lines: Whale - Nazca Peru
11. Nasca lines: Whale - Nazca Peru
Nazca Lines Flights - Alas Peruanas
Nazca Lines Flights - Alas Peruanas
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