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Nazca Lines Tour

Day 1 - get to Arequipa

We are able to get college accommodation available, not to mention orientation with your bike rental are part of operating properly

Time 2 - Arequipa to Puerto Inca

Along the Peruvian/Pacific Coast, you believed the California coast ended up being beautiful?

Time 3 - Puerto Inca to Nazca

More along the coastline, this takes you to your town of Nazca and opportunity to see this historic reminents up close. Enjoy a flight on the Nazca Lines, and/or fascinating Chauchilla Cemetery close by, and take a moment to rest up.

Day 4 - Nazca to Chalhuanca

Rising through the Pacific Coast, up into the Andes Mountains, allow breathtaking twists & turns of Peru start!

Day 5 - Chalhuanca to Cusco

Further in to the Andes, arrive in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco and enjoy nightlife, shopping, and "Avenue of the Sun."

Day 6 - remain in Cusco

It's a wise decision to rest up somewhat, take pleasure in the city, or needless to say you're welcome to drive and explore the region

Time 7 - Cusco to Ollantaytambo

Throught the Sacred Valley associated with Incas to a town with a fortress by the same name

See Machu PicchuDay 8 - Train to Machu Picchu

Your train trip are going to be all arranged for an earlier morning deviation to Aguascalientes along with your ascent on spectacular Machu Picchu. Going back at the conclusion of the afternoon to Ollantaytambo.

Day 9 - Ollantaytambo to Puno

Increasing even further in elevation to 1 of the greatest places worldwide, Lake Titicaca is forward!

Day 10 - stay static in Puno

The Floating isles of Uros people and a fascinating Peruvian environment on the edge of Bolivia are well worth every single day's rest

Day 11 - Puno to Chivay

Views of volcanos, vicuñas, llamas, and alpacas cause you to the hotsprings of Chivay at the side of the Colca Canyon

Time 12 - Chivay to Arequipa

Starting a single day with a ride throught the Colca Canyon to look at Andean Condors, here is the just area of non-paved surface, but an opportunity to understand Andean Condors in flight

Day 13 - Arequipa & Departure

If you wish to keep right-away, your airport transfer is roofed. Begin organizing your photographs and upgrading your Facebook!

CALL US About Your Self-Guided Motorcycle Trip through Peru to see Machu Picchu & much more!

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Peru Machu Picchu Adventure Motorcycle Tour | MotoQuest
Peru Machu Picchu Adventure Motorcycle Tour | MotoQuest
adventure motorcycle tours in Peru and all South America
adventure motorcycle tours in Peru and all South America ...
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