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Brit nationals don’t require a visa traveling if intent behind the visit is tourism.

On arrival, you’re typically offered permission to keep for as much as 6 months.

Double check the time scale of the time you’ve already been approved. In the event that you overstay, you’ll have to spend a superb. In the worst instance scenario you will be held in detention. Keep carefully the immigration report directed at you on arrival in a safe spot, as you will have to show this on departure.


If you enter Peru overland from Ecuador, make fully sure your passport is stamped with a Peruvian entry stamp within neighborhood immigration office. We crossing the edge with Ecuador enter Peru through Aguas Verdes (Tumbes region) - you may have to request guidelines towards immigration workplace.

In the event that you enter Peru from Bolivia by coach or taxi, ensure your passport is stamped with a Peruvian entry stamp at immigration workplace in Desaguadero or Copacabana (Puno area).

Immigration authorities could also maybe not let you keep Peru without a legitimate exit stamp from final country you visited.

If you enter Peru without an entry stamp then you’re required legally to try to get an expulsion purchase at Immigration Office in Lima to be able to keep the country. This procedure usually takes one-day, but might take longer. An expulsion purchase will ban you from returning to Peru. In past times the immigration authorities had the discernment allowing foreign people to go back toward border to acquire a Peruvian entry stamp or even to provide an entry stamp at Immigration workplace in Lima. But a recent tightening of this legislation will make this not as likely in the future.

The British Embassy can’t intervene in immigration dilemmas. Make fully sure you get your entry stamp whenever you arrive in Peru.

Passport credibility

Your passport should be legitimate for about six months on arrival in Peru.

The Peruvian authorities have confirmed they will take British passports extended by year by Uk Embassies and Consulates under additional steps set up in mid-2014.

UK Crisis Travel Documents

UK Emergency Travel Documents (ETDs) tend to be acknowledged for entry, airside transportation and exit from Peru. Your ETD should really be good for at least six months.


British nationals have experienced issues when attempting to go into the country with over one laptop. You really need to familiarise yourself with Peruvian immigration or customs processes before you go into the country. For additional details contact the Peruvian Consulate in London.

If you're time for great britain via Europe, know that the traditions authorities in European airports regularly confiscate duty-free alcoholic beverages as well as other fluids purchased on duty free shops in Lima airport from guests in transit.

Travelling with young ones

Young ones beneath the age of 18 many years travelling on a Brit passport with resident status in Peru need written authorization (Autorización de Viaje Notarial) from the non accompanying parent(s) to leave the nation. This authorization is obtained by a notary public in Peru. The letter must mention the proposed location, the purpose of the journey, the time of departure in addition to return time. If not able to acquire a notarial permission, the kid need a judicial written permission (Autorización de Viaje Judicial) granted by a judge. Young ones who have visitor status do not require these permissions, but the Immigration Officer is liberated to request them in conditions considered dubious by the Immigration Authorities. For further information, contact the Peruvian Consulate in London or even the Peruvian Immigration Directorate.

Source: www.gov.uk

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