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South America and Central America

I will be planning to travel Central and south usa at the end of 2012 for 3 months. I am very daunted by the proven fact that I will be about to do these types of an extended journey alone while having already been warned regarding the perils in Central and south usa for gringos (most likely way more because I will be blond and talk bit spanish or portugese )

I am posting this in the hope of gaining some guidance on must see destinations n main and south america, there are so many and I also would like to see everything although I will be tied to time. We haven't decided the place to start the travel (ended up being thinking Mexico) although i understand i'll end up in Rio for Carnivale belated Feb '13 before traveling back to Sydney.

I might just like to volunteer back at my trip and would want some first hand experiences as to where I'm able to repeat this while the possible expenses included.


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Yes there are potential dangers within these countries, notably places like Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, recently Ecuador and maybe other people.

The Carnival gets VERY hectic with just about all rooms becoming booked up in the region many months beforehand.

One of your biggest expenses will likely be travel as flights in SA are expensive and buses take permanently, and often some connections.

Exactly how much spent is based on vacation, what type of accommodation you would like, in the event that you drink and eat completely, etc. choose pocketing and petty theft is endemic in Central and South America.

Google: volunteer work central south usa

These types of places will most likely want a share prior to starting work.

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In 2007 and 2008 I backpacked (and performed volunteer work), on my own from Guatemala down seriously to Panama (all, i will be pleased to state, on chicken buses !) - after that did south usa by bus beginning in Ecuador.

It had been my very first time and was not certain what the deuce I was doing !!

Do not allow the "dangers and annoyances" sections of preferred travel guides influence your excitement. Study all of them, consume all of them and employ good sense and maybe look into a one day training course on travel security.

You can find loads of things to see and experience, tending to be detailed inside "popular" travel guides !

Re: voluntary work - based on whether you want to pay to volunteer or not you'll have a lot of choices - decide to try placing into google "Free to volunteer Latin The united states" - you can find loads nowadays. The advantage of volunteering with organisations which you pay is you have the back-up and help of the staff that I discovered reassuring on arrival in Guatemala !! I built homes here and therefore was outstanding experience - in addition managing a nearby household ended up being brilliant. but once your confidence develops you may find that one can root down volunteer opportunities while you complement. Frequently volunteer programs feature Spanish school - i recommend discovering some Spanish before going since it can help you encounter much more.

Love !

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Hi Alicia. In which are you currently from? I'm a 24 yr old Australian girl woman. I do want to check out south usa around later Oct this season? We could travel tog for a little based on in which so when you intend to go?

Include me on fb and we could try and type it out! :D

Hi Siberia - thanks for you message. I heeded your guidance and will also be booking my Carnivale violation within the next few weeks - We researched after your comment and was realising exactly how fast you will need to book and policy for this sort of (epic) party!!

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