Charity Trek to Machu Picchu

Peru Machu Picchu Hike

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Gear: 1 skiing jacket shell, 1 soft-shell water-resistant walking pant, 2 merino tshirts, 2 merino very long sleeve, 1 light fleece zip up, 2 shirts for dinners, 1 light travel pants, 1 light exercise pant, 1 jeans, 2 sets hiking socks, 2 pair foot socks, 1 set wool long-johns, 3 undies, 2 sports bras, 1 cap (COMPLETE SCALP!), sunscreen, glasses, 1 light hiking boots, 1 playing tennis shoe

Additional equipment: therapy balls (to move our muscle tissue out), a theracane (one that comes apart), and a minimal neck pillow the lengthy drives

Luggage: 1 backpack (+ 3L hydration) + 1 carryon suitcase each

Laundry: 2 nights at each resort in most cases, and things simply take about 1 full time + to dried out (when quick dried out in rainy period). Sink-washed (brought dust detergent) day 1 in each resort, together with a great amount of gear. Wore every little thing We brought. Bring quick-dry clothing if you can!

Transportation: our guide upgraded united states to a coach once we talked to him (husband is 6'3" and gets movement unwell) - assisted much! Bring dramamine - windy roads.

Resorts: great motels - highlight was the Inkaterra in Ollantaytambo (our room was new, and so the wood nevertheless smelled like kerosene from therapy...but the surroundings was dazzling)

Health: Oral Rehydration Salts = 1 L water, 6 tsp sugar.5 tsp sodium. This helped us once we didn't retain liquid at elevation, also aided us whenever we got ill. We brought electrolyte tablets also, of helpful. Inhalers tend to be recommended for asthmatics (extremely slim dry-air).

Food: We did not have enough to consume, and finished up getting additional olive-oil many avocados at dinner to augment our meager portions, as well as our energy taverns and chews. Careful regarding the meals in Aguas Calientes - we delivered back the off-looking animal meat - maybe not really worth the risk. Buffet at Maccu Picchu is high priced but worthwhile.

Group: diverse group regarding age (18-60s) and experience - all team people had been active and able to go. Positive attitude all over, and really great men and women.

Guide: Danny had been so great, diligent, thoughtful, and sort. Incredible tour guide and group user.

Activity: Good level of task - easy to speed your self and set off independently. We went off a lot (town people craving mountains!) and had the ability to meet up with the group without problem. The MP hike we did was Huayna Piccu - we'd a 7 am start time, and got there 30 minutes very early. Thank goodness, because we were able to run past all folks and their dangerous selfie sticks to possess a really nice calm hike. It was hard but do-able (1h45), and we also were left with energy to complete Sun Gate after that (1h40). Bring an alteration of t-shirts and perhaps pants - my pants dried, but we just had about 30 minutes of downpour. We made a decision to sleep-in from the last day and do Inca Bridge (30-40 mins) before we left - pleased with that option!

Pre-training: We performed 3-4 times of 30-60 minute cardio at about 70-85percent HR for approximately 2 months prior and strengthened our feet.

Be Aware: Selfie sticks should always be prohibited. Everyone was running into united states, preventing in thin trails with high drop offs, and jabbing those actions every which method. Ridiculous. Be mindful!

Wish we had...: a lot of downhill activity, which was hard on legs. Many team users had walking sticks. I love to be handsfree when climbing (klutz), but smart to consider taking at least 1. If only I experienced worn suitable hat the entire time...the scalp burn had not been enjoyable. Additionally, flip-flops for hot!

Instead of the itinerary but must - see: Chinchero! We wanted that we had time for you hike truth be told there - it absolutely was truly stunning and without any tourists.

Completely: strongly recommend. It was most likely the best travel We have ever already been on.

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Machu Picchu, Peru
Machu Picchu, Peru
Inca Trail 4 Day hike to Machu Picchu, Peru
Inca Trail 4 Day hike to Machu Picchu, Peru
Hike to Machu Picchu on the Inca Trail - Peru (4 day hike)
Hike to Machu Picchu on the Inca Trail - Peru (4 day hike)
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