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Explore the ruins of an ancient civilization after which — through parties and customs of the ancestors — have a first-hand glimpse into what life ended up being like inside period of the Incas. The Peru vacation, which includes a Machu Picchu tour, is an exciting and festive adventure that spotlights a unique tradition.

  • Enjoy a traditional Andean feast known as Pachamanca. Discover the real history behind this occasion, then watch Teatro Sol y Luna perform the dances and stories of the Incas.
  • Keep your cap as you raft down the Urubamba River. Local experts explain the fascinating social and natural history as you glide along this scenic course.
  • Take the old Incan path into these ancient damages and venture in to the Sacred Valley while you go to the interesting salt-pan terraces.
  • Spend the afternoon exploring these 15th-century Incan ruins and stunning views of the magnificent structures surrounded by green peaks glazed by a soft mist.
  • At Center for Traditional Textiles in Cusco, master weavers demonstrate their particular intricate art, along with tips spin and dye alpaca wool.

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Flight Information

  • Come: LIM (Lima)
  • Return: LIM (Lima)
  • 2 Internal Flights Included
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