Machu Picchu Altitude Sickness

Altitude of Machu Picchu Peru

Coca Tea in Peru at Posada del Inca in YucayPopular bucket record destination Machu Picchu lies saturated in The Andes, over eight thousand feet above sea level. At that height insufficient air trigger sickness and headaches that'll keep perhaps the hardiest traveler sleep bound with a bout of height illness and needing a bucket for one thing much less attractive than scratching it well a list.

The most efficient way to avoid these symptoms is let yourself acclimate towards reduced air content of this alpine environment, therefore if feasible you will need to attain the high nation at least a few days prior to trying to climb up around the mountains of Machu Picchu. To totally acclimate takes over weekly though, and few have that more time, therefore here are some tips we gathered on our current journey to Peru.

NOTE: we're maybe not medical practioners and tend to be perhaps not providing health guidance right here. Our company is simply supplying information and letting you know what struggled to obtain us. Pose a question to your doctor before trying everything brand new.

The most typical solution to prepare coca is within a tea. It's supported everywhere.

Coca beverage ended up being offered to us at a weaving coop in PeruWithout question the preferred solution is tea produced from the leaves of this coca plant. It's served almost everywhere, hotel lobbies, restaurants, and usually anywhere tourists congregate.

Into the Sacred Valley associated with Inca, we were offered coca beverage during our visit to a weaving cooperative. That's David in background to the left, drinking away.

We had read that coco beverage features a comparable amount of boost as a walk, but were hesitant, could we enjoy it excessively? Coca is after all the plant that cocaine is made of. We might become babbling on as well as on like some self-important idiot. We've seen Charlie Sheen on talk shows and do not need any assist in the babbling division.

Coca leaves available for the friends at our resort.

Cocoa leavesFortunately that has been not the case. We even began making iced tea to take with you around sightseeing. Next thing we knew we had been chewing the leaves, exactly like an area. We also attempted the candy produced from the medicinal plant. The whole thing ended up being effective for clearing the pinnacle and remaining awake, and there were no weird side-effects or addictive qualities. As we had been back into breathable atmosphere we didn't consider coca again.

Coca candy is another solution to get coca fix. We're persuaded it additionally the beverage assisted.

Whether you're confident with eating coca or otherwise not, listed here are more DOs and DON'Ts for thin air administration while going to Machu Picchu:

Coca candy in Peru Inca Kola is preferred, yellow, nice, caffeinated soda in Peru

DO - Stay hydrated. Drink liquid. Limit your coffee-and Inca Kola intake. Caffeine dehydrates and certainly will make acclimation more difficult.

DO - Take big, deep, full breaths. Deep breathing increases air within the blood.

DON'T - straight away start hiking or any other intense tasks. Wait twenty-four hours and see the method that you feel. Machu Picchu it's still there.

DON'T - Take in a lot of liquor. Booze dehydrates. Air is dried out. All of that extra respiration dries you away. Why pile on?

-Suck on oxygen. Numerous resorts provide it to friends upon demand. If you wish to bring your very own air system, be sure to consult your airline before taking it along.

Inca Kola-Some accommodations provide areas in which oxygen is moved in. These are specially great for people that never rest well in high altitudes.

-There are a handful of prescription and non-prescription remedies offered, if you feel the need for medications, talk to your doctor.

Bear in mind, there is no need for any macho rock climbing at Machu Picchu, particularly if you tend to be post-50 like united states. While it is possible to hike four days in regarding Inca Trail, a train can also be available.

VIEW: The train to Machu Picchu is an adventure on its own!

We moved using the train, and an adventure built by-road Scholar, an outfit aimed toward lifelong understanding, therefore our fellow travelers had been all-in our age and capability range. We never ever felt the requirement to overexert to keep up because of the youths.

Machu Picchu are drawn in at a leisurely pace, especially if you enable your self 2 days. We thoroughly liked our second time, including a magnificent sunrise, for further exploration without sense of time limitations.

YOUR TURN: performed we cover everything? Do you know of everything we missed? Had been we helpful? Have you got additional concerns? Fire away!

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Search for a Suitable Hotel in Peru on the Map

Machu Picchu - Flight of the Condor
Machu Picchu - Flight of the Condor
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On top of Machu Picchu Mountain
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My expedition through "The Lost Inca City" of Machu Picchu ...
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