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Machu Picchu Backpacking

EDIT - Ollantaytambo 2Located high in the Selva Alta (large forest) mountains of Cusco, in a higher height hollow enclosed by snow-capped peaks, sits the magnificent Inca damages of Machu Picchu. it is synonymous with the name ‘Peru’ and unarguably the country’s top visitor location with over 3 million visitors in 2013 alone.

There a number of really popular techniques to journey to Machu Picchu; the Inca Trail ($600p/p); Salcantay Trek ($225US p/p); plus the Inca Jungle Adventure Trek ($225US) are just a few of the options available the even more daring backpacker.

A more relaxed and direct choice is to use the train from Cusco (minimal $100US return) to Aguas Calientes, the tiny traveler city at the base of Machu Picchu Mountain. From here it's only a brief coach trip (and another $10 return) within the mountain towards the damages on their own. Effortless!

Exactly what if you fall into neither of the categories?

Imagine if your budget doesn’t stretch to tailored treks and expensive tourist transport? How can you visit the worlds’ most well-known UNESCO World Heritage web sites whilst spending as little as $70 USD including all your transportation and accommodation?

Beginning with Ollantaytambo:

The authentic and picturesque Inca hill city of Ollantaytambo is not as much as an hour or so journey far from Cusco in a Combi or Collectivo – shared minibuse or taxi – and costs as little as 10 bottoms (.8) one of the ways.

EDIT - Ollantaytambo 1The gorgeous hill city of Ollantaytambo

Located over the Patakancha River, town was also the website of a famous Spanish defeat because of the Inca in 1536AD and is house on Cerro Bandolista sunlight Temple and stunning rice terraces adorning every hillside. There’s much history to see here and amazing hikes in every way you could effortlessly invest a week right here.

Friendly residents in Ollantaytambo

Whether you remain for starters few days or 1 hour, it's only another brief combi (minibus) trip into beginning of your Machu Picchu trek.

For princely sum of 2 Soles, the ‘Veronica’ combi will ferry you the 30-minute trip towards Kilometre 82 train station, where you can present at the world-famous Inca Trail indication before leaving regarding 30km hike to Aguas Calientes!

Your transportation awaits! The “Veronica” Combi

Following the Train Line:

Stroll following the train paths aided by the area on your left and soon you see your very first pair of Inca Ruins on the right-hand part. Soon after that, on your right hand part, you’ll see a tiny path winding up onto the side of the valley. There are many among these ‘goat paths’ across the trip that help to help keep you off the tracks and prevent almost all of the tunnels.

EDIT - Veronica Combi KM82Just keep following that train line!

Starting high up in Andean mountains and streaming down through the magnificent Scared Valley you may experience every vista imaginable, from dried out, rugged hill landscapes with fast-flowing white-water into the valley below, towards luscious vegetation associated with highland forest.

Regarding the ‘alternative’ Inca Trail

You simply need to stick to the train line itself for about half of the journey, but when you are doing the trains are loud and slow, allowing you enough time to leave of this way as they overlook with drivers waving and bemused passengers snapping photographs of you!

Stopping for meal along the train track

While you wind the right path down through valley you will come across numerous Incan damages, occasionally entire villages that train people dash by in a flash.

Wild horses, cattle plus the intriguingly comical Peruvian hairless dogs are interspersed using occasional other walker and railroad staff, but for the most part, you’ll be walking alone in practically complete peace.

The altering surroundings on the way

While you descend further down towards Machu Picchu your respiration gets easier additionally the dry rugged landscape offers option to the green lawn and leafy woods of Selva Alta, with banana and avocado trees lining the tracks.

it is really worth saying that if you’re maybe not a professional long-hiker then possibility of walking 30km in one time, at high-altitude, may be a wee little bit daunting. But there’s you don't need to avoid this otherwise amazing trip as there are plenty of safe possibilities for pitching a tent for evening. You can also camp inside the stone walls of a historical, roofless Inca residence within one of the many spoil internet sites that aren’t detailed or signposted. When you do determine the stroll your whole length in one single time, you should bank on using about 10 hours, including a few breaks for meals.

EDIT - Track and RuinsA diversion to some lesser-known Inca ruins only outside Ollantaytambo

In the last stretch of journey, nearing the visitor hub which Aguas Calientes, the tracks and trails become busier with local employees, lost tourists and Peruvian porters holding impossible lots to their backs. When you reach the city it self you’ll get the violation workplace located in the primary square with an array of hotels and hostels to suit everyone’s budget, all within hiking distance of Machu Picchu itself.

Coming into the visitor hub of Aguas Calientes

From anywhere in city it’s a short walk to root of the mountain and the begin the steep, winding stone measures as much as Machu Picchu. It may possibly be far and it may take-over an hour or so to attain the utmost effective, nevertheless breathtaking scenery can make you pleased you didn’t take the coach. And voila, you’ve managed to make it! Your own DIY Machu Picchu adventure for as little as $70 including your pass, transportation and accommodation.

The high steps as much as one of the world’s most well-known damages

The most affordable Solution To Tackle Machu Picchu!

DIY Machu Picchu Trek Costs (excluding water and food)

  • Machu Picchu Entrance – $45 USD
  • Minibus – Cusco to Ollantaytambo – $2.80 USD
  • Minibus – Ollantaytambo to KM 82 – $1 USD
  • Hostel in Aguas Calientes – (off) $20 USD
  • Total – $68.80 USD!

Voila! The DIY Budget Guide to Machu Picchu!

In Which Then?

Santa Teresa Hot Springs – certain to function as the most stunning environment for a normal volcanic hot springtime you’ve ever seen while the perfect way to cure a lengthy trek to Machu Picchu!

The Santa Teresa Hot Springs would be the perfect method to relax after your trek!

This Article Was Compiled By:

This short article was compiled by South America Backpacker Ambassadors, Jon and Kach Howe, for the daring few, through the Philippines as well as the UK, have already been traveling and dealing for 16 months; starting in south-east Asia, via Asia to south usa! Instead of taking a trip for finite amounts of time after which going back to ‘normal lives’, they decided to make taking a trip a lifestyle, anything truly lasting. To support this choice, they work, volunteer, work exchange plus have actually their particular Yoga and Healing rub company: currently they're residing Arequipa, Peru in which they truly are focusing on their task,

EDIT - Inca Trail Signpost EDIT - Lunch Stop EDIT - Views River Mountains EDIT - Ollantaytambo Fortress

Search for a Suitable Hotel in Peru on the Map

Traveling Peru 20 - Machu Picchu
Traveling Peru 20 - Machu Picchu
Climbing Machu Picchu!
Climbing Machu Picchu!
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