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Cave-related Nationwide Geographic Magazines when you look at the Grotto Library

The DC Grotto Library has actually a collection of magazines from 1934 through 1997 that have cave-related articles.

The good thing is that there's a list towards the articles. It had been made by a caver in Australian Continent, Glenn Baddeley, who developed the index and uploaded it on his Web site. A reformatted form of Glenn’s list is roofed below (together with his permission). If you're interested in a certain subject you can easily head to Glenn’s webpage at and employ any internet browser to search the index for key term.

Here index shows the article titles, Glenn Baddeley’s responses concerning the articles, plus the day associated with concern containing them. Just the dilemmas within the Grotto Library are included.

The Forgotten Valley Of Peru. [Caves inside Colca Valley - Peru] January, 1934

A Patriotic Pilgrimage To Eastern National Parks. [Mammoth Cave - Kentucky, Luray Caverns - Virginia] Summer, 1934

Petra, Ancient Caravan Stronghold. [Cave tombs - Palestine] February, 1935

Rhodesia, The Pioneer Colony. [Cave paintings - Rhodesia] Summer, 1935

The Nat. Geo. Society As Well As Its Mag. [Carlsbad Caverns - New Mexico] January, 1936

Flashing Fashions Of Old Spain. [Gypsy cave & cliff dwellers - Spain] March, 1936

Beyond Australian Continent's Cities. [Jenolan Caves - Australian Continent] December, 1936

Time's Footprints In Tunisian Sands. [Matmata cave dwellers - Tunisia] March, 1937

From Notch To Notch Within The White Mountains. [Flume Gorge, Talus Caves - New Hampshire] July, 1937

Landscaped Kwangsi, China's Province Of Pictorial Art. [Pole Celebrity Cave - China] December, 1937

Asia's Great Wall Of Sculpture. [Yun Kang & guy Hewn Caves - China] March, 1938

New Mexico Melodrama. [Carlsbad Caverns - New Mexico] May, 1938

Roadways From Washington. [Endless Caverns, Luray Caverns - Virginia; key escape tunnels] July, 1938

Czechoslovaks, Yankees Of Europe. [Moravian Caverns - Czechoslovakia]August, 1938

Hawaii, Then and from now on. [Lava pipes - Hawaii] October, 1938

Wonder Isles Of Amazon Delta. [Fish consuming bats - Marajo Island] November, 1938

At Home From The Oceans. [Coral Limestone Caves - Rodrigues Island, Southern Pacific] July, 1939

In Which Early Christians Lived In Cones Of Rock. [Cave houses - Turkey] December, 1939

Stone Idols Of Andes Show A Vanished People. [Nocturnal birds, Bats, Caves - Colombia] April, 1940

Seeing Our Spanish Southwest Fabulous Yellowstone. [Cliff dwellers - Arizona; Natural Bridges - Utah; Devils Kitchen Cave, Poison Cave - Wyoming] June, 1940

Ancient Temples And Modern Guns In Thailand. [Petchaburi Caves - Thailand] November, 1941

Taming 'Flood Dragons' Along China's Hwang Ho. [Cave dwellers - China] February, 1942

Parade Of lifetime Through The years. [Caves paintings - France] February, 1942

Kentucky, Boone's Great Meadow. [Mammoth Cave - Kentucky] July, 1942

War Awakened Brand New Caledonia. [Burial caves - New Caledonia] July, 1942

Busy Corner - The Cape Of Good Hope. [Cango Caverns - South Africa] August, 1942

China Opens Her Crazy Western. [Hospitals & storage space in caves - China] September, 1942

Rehearsal At Dieppe. [Cave dwellers - France] October, 1942

Riddle Of Aleutians. [Burial caves - Aleutian Islands] December, 1942

Malta Invicta. [Man-made tunnels - Malta] March, 1943

Perform And Play In The Ozarks. [Diamond Cave, Wonderland Cavern - Arkansas; Meramec Caverns, Marvel Cave - Missouri ] May, 1943

Crete, Where Sea - Kings Reigned. [Diktaian Cave - Crete] November, 1943

Front-Line Town Of Britain's Siege. [Bomb protection caverns - Dover] January, 1944

6, 000 Miles On The Roads To Totally Free China. [Seven celebrity Cave, Cave homes - China] March, 1944

The Isles Of Greece. [Cave domiciles - Greece] May, 1944

Idaho Made The Desert Bloom. [Amazingly Falls Cave - Idaho] Summer, 1944

What The Battling Yanks See. October, 1944

Springboards To Tokyo. [Fruit bats - Australia, Hell's Pocket] October, 1944

The Geography Of Jordan. [Caves - Early man] December, 1944

South From Saipan. [Saipan Caves - Japan] April, 1945

The Turkish Republic Goes Of Age. [Cone dwellers - Turkey] May, 1945

Tai Shan, Sacred Mountain For The East. [Cave of real Hermit - Asia] June, 1945

Okinawa, Threshold To Japan. [Shelter caverns - Japan] October, 1945

New Guinea's Hill And Swampland Dwellers. [Underground grotto's made by the Warok River - New Guinea] December, 1945

Earth's Many Ancient People. [Ayers Rock - Australian Continent] January, 1946

Bonnie Scotland, Postwar Design. [St. Ninian's Cave - Scotland] May, 1946

Mystery Mammals Associated With Twilight. [Bats] July, 1946

Sigiriya, 'A fortress within the Sky'. [Buddhist cave paintings - Ceylon] November, 1946

In The Trail For The La Venta Man. [Cave of Guayabal - Mexico] February, 1947

Lundy, Treasure Island Of Birds. [Benson's Cave - North Devon] May, 1947

Desert River Through Navajo Land Utah's Arches Of Stone. [Shelter caverns - Utah] August, 1947

An Archeologist Consider Palestine. [Cave tombs - Palestine] December, 1947

Pacific Wards Of The Government. [Cave - Palau Islands. [Stone coin mined from limestone] July, 1948

Ancient Cliff Dwellers Of Mesa Verde. [Cliff dwellers - Colorado] September, 1948

Checking Out Aleutian Volcanoes. [Lave cave - Aleutian Islands] October, 1948

Lascaux Cave, Cradle Of World Art. [Lascaux Cave - France] December, 1948

Applachian Valley Pilgrimage. [Limestone min, Grand Caverns - western Virginia] July, 1949

Adobe Brand New Mexico. [Aboriginal cliff dwellers - Mexico] December, 1949

Exploring Stone Age Arnhemland. [Caves and cave paintings - Australia] December, 1949

Voices For The Night. [Cave Frog] April, 1950

Talking About Spain. [Cave dwellers - Spain] April, 1950

Source: caves.org

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Flo, la piccola Robinson 35 Il segreto della grotta 2di2
Flo, la piccola Robinson 35 Il segreto della grotta 2di2
La Luna Hizo Esto - IL VOLO - Lima, Perú 2/Mayo/12.
La Luna Hizo Esto - IL VOLO - Lima, Perú 2/Mayo/12.
Pokemon Verde Foglia-Parte 29-Il mistero della Grotta
Pokemon Verde Foglia-Parte 29-Il mistero della Grotta ...
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