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Associated with 43 districts in Lima, just a few are regularly commended as good places for tourists to remain. If you’re heading to the capital — specifically for the first time — you’ll most likely want to book a hotel or hostel in one of these places. Which one you select depends partly on issues want to see and do in Lima, along with the degree of protection you’re finding.

Central Lima (Historical Center)

lima-central If you remain in Central Lima (known as Centro de Lima or Cercado de Lima), you’ll be right in the middle of town’s historic core. That is where you’ll find, among other things, the Plaza de Armas (Plaza Mayor), the us government Palace, the Convent of bay area and various colonial mansions, all of these form part of the “Historic Center of Lima, ” a UNESCO World history Site.

If you like record right on your home, this is actually the location to remain. it is additionally the ideal choice for budget people, with comfortable and very affordable accommodation options near the main square (cheaper than numerous you’ll find in Miraflores, but possibly much more traffic noise). There are plenty of small restaurants selling inexpensive lunchtime menús, you can also head up to the nearby Barrio Chino (China Town) for huge Peruvian-Chinese buffets (about S/.20-25 — you won’t want to consume once more for several days).

In the disadvantage, Central Lima isn’t because safe once the districts below, particularly at night. If you’re sensing a degree of edginess at night, stick to the key square and its particular straight away surrounding roads. Some of the surrounding areas, eg Rímac, La Victoria and San Juan de Lurigancho, have actually a reputation if you are on the list of minimum safe regions of Lima.


Miraflores is the classic visitor hangout — during large period, it sometimes is like there are more foreigners than Peruvians lurking around Parque Kennedy. One of several district’s main draws is the degree of safety. It’s an upscale area, therefore the streets are fairly safe also at night ( you still need certainly to hold one attention on your environments).

Miraflores is an excellent base overall. There are lots of exceptional — if costly –restaurants dotted around, alongside some affordable options. You will find groups and bars everywhere, several of that are just-too-trendy while some basically about appropriate. Street-side cafes offer individuals viewing possibilities, the shopping is great (if you want that sorts of thing) and all sorts of the solutions you will need are normally a brief disappear.

Regarding attractions, there is the coastal cliffs as well as the beach below, with good areas, strolls and paragliding. There are many galleries in Miraflores, together with the Huaca Pucllana archaeological website, but Central Lima has a whole lot more architectural and historical appeal. That’s OK, as it’s easy adequate to get from Miraflores to Central Lima.

Resorts in Miraflores are the five-star Marriott to family-run guesthouses. Backpackers and budget travelers have lots of options, including huge “party hostels” and quiet spots like Friend’s home (among my preferences, found at Manco Capac 368).

In general, Miraflores is unquestionably a great option for first-timers in Lima or Peru — when you get to know the town, you can take to someplace else (Miraflores can drop a number of its charm after repeat visits).

San Isidro

If Miraflores is not upscale adequate for you personally, take to the neighboring San Isidro district in order to the north. This is actually the area regarding the Lima elite and its particular associated needs: golf clubs, tennis clubs, beverage pubs etc.

If you think that does not sound similar to a backpacker hangout, after that you’d be appropriate. There are a few hostels in San Isidro, but you won’t discover numerous bargains. What you would get a hold of, however, is a rather safe place that may suit your style (especially if you are some of those flashpacker kinds).

San Isidro can also be a prime destination for cooking people, with costly but highly acclaimed restaurants including Malabar and Segundo Muelle. There’s in addition the Bosque El Olivar olive grove, house to significantly more than 1, 000 olive trees (a few of that are hundreds of years old).


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