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Where is Peru?: At 1'285, 220 sq. Km, Peru is the third-largest country in South America, it restricts towards the north with Ecuador, on northeast with Colombia, towards the eastern with Brazil, into the southeast with Bolivia, south with Chile and to the west utilizing the Pacific Ocean.

  • From ny - Newark, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Mexico and Toronto exist direct routes to Lima.
  • From Europe occur direct flights to Lima from Madrid, Paris and Amsterdam.
  • Peru has direct routes through the main metropolitan areas in Latin The united states as Bogota, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Guayaquil, La Habana, La Paz, Mexico, Panama, Quito, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Sao Paulo, San Jose de Costa Rica, Santo Domingo.
  • Routes from Asia or Oceania to Peru, link by American or European countries.

The greatest and quickly solution to show up to Puno is by atmosphere. From Lima to Puno you can find 1, 315 Km (817 miles) and require 20 hours for a bus travel, and 1:20 hour by environment. In addition by coach and train solutions. Within the last years, Puno is now an alternative solution point of entry to Peru, specifically for visitor just who after checking out Bolivia enter because of the highway Los Angeles Paz / Desaguadero / Puno or Los Angeles Paz / Copacabana / Puno.

By Airplane

The Juliaca's International Airport Inca Manco Cápac (JUL Airport Code), tiny, with comfortable services, accept regular domestic routes from Lima, Cuzco, and Arequipa. The airport is situated 5 Km from Juliaca City and 44 Km (27.3 kilometers) to your north of Puno town.

In the airport you can find solutions of taxi service and shuttle service for transfers to Puno City and Desaguadero, regarding the border with Bolivia. The ttaxis with an average cost of United States $ 25; in shuttle with a typical price of US $ 8 per individual. The primary accommodations in Puno have transport to your airport.

By Bus

An alternative choice to reach to Puno is through bus. You can find day-to-day bus solutions on roads from Lima to Puno (connection in Arequipa), from Cuzco to Puno and from Arequipa to Puno. Additionally the visitor coach solutions with stopover and guided tours on roads between Cuzco to Puno and Puno / Colca Valley / Arequipa.

From city of Puno three primary highways exist:

  • (3S) Lap Puno - Juliaca 44 Km. (27.3 kilometers); Lap Juliaca - Cuzco 345 Km. (214.4 miles); the best point (Los Angeles Raya) of this highway achieves the 4, 313 meters above sea-level (14, 150 feet) - 7 hours aprox. by bus.
  • (3S - 34A) From Puno to Juliaca 44 Km. (27.3 miles), from Juliaca to Arequipa 281 Km. (174.6 miles), in some things this road hits as much as 4, 690 meters above sea level (15, 387 foot). This is the advisable route if you wish to arrive by bus from Lima to Arequipa 1, 009 kilometer. (627 kilometers) or any city from the Pan-American Highway.
  • Puno - Desaguadero - La Paz: (3S) Going by the sides associated with Lake Titicaca. It goes on the urban centers of Chucuito 20 kilometer. (12.42 miles), Juli 80 Km. (49.7 miles), Pomata 105 Km. (65.2 kilometers) to Desagüadero 148 Km. (91.9 miles) edge with Bolivia, and show up to Los Angeles Paz (Bolivia) from Guaqui (frontier with Peru), 112 Km.s (69.6 miles).

Distances from Puno city to:

  • Ilave (Province of El Collao) 54 kilometer. (34 kilometers) / 1 hour
  • Huancane (Province of Huancane) 99 Km. (62 kilometers) / 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Ayaviri (Province of Melgar) 137 Km. (85 miles) / 2 hours and 45 mins
  • Moho (Province of Moho) 138 Km. (86 miles) / 3 hours
  • Putina (Province of San Antonio de Putina) 124 Km. (77 kilometers) / 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • Sandia (Province of Sandia) 272 Km. (169 miles) / 9 hours
  • Azangaro (Province of Azangaro) 148 Km. (92 kilometers) / 2 hours and a quarter-hour
  • Macuzani (Province of Carabaya) 255 Km. (158 kilometers) / 7 hours)

By Train

Railway Puno to Cuzco: 384 Km. (238.6 miles) estimated period of 11 hours. The Andean Explorer train. This train route was awarded particularly second path most gorgeous of globe.

By Lake

In the interface of Puno occur medium crafts that complete trips to Bolivian ports; in addition regular transport is present from Juli and Yunguyo to Bolivian ports. These trips are carried out amid wonderful surroundings on the greatest navigable lake on earth, the Titicaca, and in modern-day crafts like yachts and catamarans with great service aboard. It may be an unforgettable knowledge. In addition from Puno you are able to take smaller crafts that perform rides and tours towards the islands of Uros, of Taquile and Amantani, as well as others offer a journey because of the areas of the Natural Reserve associated with the Titicaca.


Puno has most of the contemporary method of communication in telephony, post, tv, cable, fax, contacts to Web, courier services.


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Aterrizando en Lima Peru TACA PERU TA806
Aterrizando en Lima Peru TACA PERU TA806
Lima Airport Action (2014)
Lima Airport Action (2014)
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