Fun Facts about Peru

The country of Peru sits in south usa between the Pacific Ocean and Columbia, Brazil and Bolivia. Peru is an attractive country – with rainforests, hills and dried out coastal plains. The rainforests tend to be house to animal species found no place on Earth and you will find Indian tribes located in the rainforest which have probably never seen others. Snakes, reptiles, huge kitties and colorful birds reside in the rainforests. Fish, penguins and other birds live-in and close to the sea. Llamas and alpacas live-in the mountains. The puya Raimondi plant expands for a century before blooming. That’s quite a few years to attend for a flower!

  • 27, 947, 000 folks inhabit Peru.
  • Peru has 496, 224 square miles of land.
  • Many people talk Spanish or Quechua or Aymara, that are local languages in Peru.
  • Local Indian tribes have kept their particular conventional language, culture and religion.
  • Individuals in Peru can expect to call home 69 many years.
  • Many people are Roman Catholic.
  • 91 percent of adults can read.

Simple Geography for toddlers exactly about Peru - Image of Machu Picchu in PeruPeru Vocabulary

  1. Ancient: early
  2. Civilization: urban centers and towns in which groups of folks live and gather
  3. Ruins: the keeps of a town or settlement
  4. Thrive: grow, thrive

All About Peru Video for Kids

Watch this awesome Peru movie for children:

Peru Q&A

Question: Do many people live in the jungle?

Answer: Few people inhabit the jungles, but Iquitos is a town when you look at the jungle. The ultimate way to achieve this city is through using a boat within the Amazon River.

Map of Peru

Here’s a map of this nation of Peru and all its locations and villages. Zoom into go into road degree or zoom off to see various other nations around Peru! You can see the terrain, and look at roadways, pictures of the structures as well as just take a 3D trip through the roads regarding the cities of Peru, as if you are really truth be told there!

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Search for a Suitable Hotel in Peru on the Map

Fertility fun fact #2 maca.mpg
Fertility fun fact #2 maca.mpg
Alpaca Fun Facts
Alpaca Fun Facts
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