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Peru's rich and varied heritage includes the old Incan money of Cuzco additionally the lost town of Machu Picchu. The united states boasts dazzling scenery, including Lake Titicaca, the whole world's greatest navigable lake.

An increasing number of site visitors are increasingly being drawn to its selection of attractions, eg its archaelogical treasures, the Andes mountain range plus the Amazon rainforest, making up about half the country.


It is rich in copper, gold, lead, zinc, oil and gold.

The nation practiced an economic growth in the 2000s, plus in 2011 Peru was believed to have one around the globe's fastest-growing economies.


Politics: Ollanta Humala took over as president in mid-2011

Economic climate: Peru has seen development, nevertheless the significant the rural bad is bit enhanced; the united states and Peru have actually concurred a totally free trade offer

International: Peru is observed as earth's top producer of coca, accustomed make cocaine; Peru and Chile dispute their particular maritime edge

International people, drawn because of the federal government and motivated by favourable circumstances, were keen for involved in exploiting the united states's mineral wide range, nevertheless authorities have actually experienced resistance in outlying areas into extractive projects that neighborhood residents state will cause pollution, burn up scarce liquid products and are not able to lift them from poverty.

Indigenous teams when you look at the Amazon and Andean mountains argue that the mines, dams and oil areas tend to be destroying their ancestral lands and they have are more assertive in demanding better recognition and security.

The united states remains wanting to be prepared for the injury of a two-decade conflict - roughly from 1980 to 2000 - amongst the state plus the leftist guerrilla groups, the Shining Path therefore the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary motion.

The warfare is believed to have reported almost 70, 000 lives, a lot of them Andean peasants. It's ruthlessness was in large component as a result of fanatical following of leader regarding the Shining Path, Abimael Guzman, whoever capture in 1992 in effect disbanded the guerrilla movement.

However, the Shining Path will continue to have a small political following.

And offshoots of the team are said to be involved in the cocaine trade.

The us thinks that Peru is among the most world's biggest producer of coca leaf, and now rivals Colombia for cocaine manufacturing.

Critics of war on medications argue that squeezing production in a single country - such as for example Colombia - only helps make the traffickers move their functions somewhere else, such Peru.

While medicine trafficking makes an important share towards economy - nearly 17percent regarding the nation's gross domestic item in 2009, according to the Peruvian federal government - environmentalists are concerned about the impact coca developing and cocaine production is having on the rainforests, both as a result of deforestation additionally the dumping for the chemical substances involved in the medicine's make.

Peru has already established durations of military guideline in current decades its governing bodies have-been democratically chosen and its particular frontrunners held to account for their actions. Alberto Fujimori, who had been president from 1990 to 2000, has become serving a 25-year prison phrase on man legal rights punishment charges.


  • Complete name: Republic of Peru
  • Populace: 29.4 million (UN, 2011)
  • Capital: Lima
  • Area: 1.28 million sq km (496, 225 sq miles)
  • Significant languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara
  • Significant religion: Christianity
  • Endurance: 72 years (guys), 77 many years (ladies) (UN)
  • Financial unit: 1 nuevo sol = 100 centimos
  • Main exports: Fish and fish services and products, copper, zinc, gold, crude petroleum and by-products, lead, coffee, sugar, cotton fiber
  • GNI per capita: United States $5, 500 (World Bank, 2011)
  • Internet domain: .pe
  • Global dialling signal: +51


President: Ollanta Humala

Peruvian president-elect Ollanta HumalaOllanta Humala, a career military officer, won the Summer 2011 presidential election after promising to admire democracy and spread some great benefits of a decade-long economic growth toward bad.

Ollanta Humala

He narrowly overcome Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of jailed former President Alberto Fujimori.

As Mr Humala emerged as victor in the polls, economic areas plunged on concerns he would ruin the economic climate.

Mr Humala, 48 at the time of his election, rush onto the political scene in 2000 as he led a short-lived bloodless revolt to need that previous President Fujimori resign after 10 years in power. In the 1990s, he fought within the forest against Shining Path guerrillas.

He originates from a family of prominent radicals. His brother, Antauro Humala, led an unsuccessful uprising in 2005 against previous President Alejandro Toledo's federal government and had been jailed for the violent protest that killed four cops.

Their parent, Isaac Humala, is a central figure in a cultural action that seeks to reclaim Peru's Incan glory by spurning international interests.

In 2006, Humala narrowly lost the presidential election to Alan Garcia. He campaigned in a purple polo top and required a dramatic change within the style of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's declared "socialist change".

Since then he's got recast himself as a family man. He's got softened his radical picture and disavowed his affinity for Mr Chavez.

He guarantees Peru's bad a greater share of country's substantial mineral wealth and pledged to honour the no-cost marketplace but place Peruvians very first.

Prime Minister: Juan Jimenez Mayor

Mr Jimenez' experts fear he does not have the governmental knowledge for management

Peru is uncommon among South American countries in obtaining the post of prime minister. President Humala appointed Juan Jimenez Mayor as his brand-new top-quality in July 2012 following the resignation of Oscar Valdes over a crackdown on Conga mining task protesters that left five folks dead.

Mr Jimenez is legal counsel with substantial experience of run major appropriate projects home and in other places in Latin The united states, and served as deputy justice minister in the interim government that implemented late President Alberto Fujimori in 2001.

He's a reputation as a committed opponent of corruption, but experts fear he lacks the political knowledge to guide the government.


Privately-run broadcasters and periodicals take over the news scene, aided by the state-run news having fairly small audiences.

Lima hosts lots of radio stations and lots of TV services. Numerous stereo and local newsprints are available in the provinces.

Defamation remains a criminal offense. "Too many legal proceedings and vexatious programs continue to hamper the free flow of information... encouraging self-censorship on the part of journalists and bloggers, " Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said in 2012.

Physical attacks and spoken threats against reporters are commonplace, with topics including corruption and drug trafficking considered especially dangerous to pay for, reports US-based Freedom House.

Almost 10 million Peruvians were online by December 2011 - a penetration price of greater than 34per cent (Internetworldstats).

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